ZOOMA Expo and a Fun Friday!

So I lied about you not hearing from me until after the race…  I figured you might want to know about our day and the expo!

Today, Jake and I drove to Annapolis to hang out before the Expo.  We walked around a bit with Cora and had lunch at Chick and Ruths, an underwhelming experience there but at least it was a good crab cake.  Cora enjoyed sporting her new shades EVERYWHERE (inside and outside).

Then we headed to the ZOOMA Annapolis Expo.  I won a case of Honest Tea, via a FaceBook giveaway, so I picked up my loot!  Sweet!  Literally 🙂  Lisa loves free almost as much as she loves cupcakes.  
Then Cora and Jake headed home since she wasn’t exactly in the mood to listen to the talk given by the ladies of Another Mother Runner.
Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (Another Mother Runner)
Brae Blackley (ZOOMA Director and Founder – Seated)
See how attentive I am?  Standing on the right in all black 🙂
Photo Courtesy of ZOOMA
It was so great to hear these ladies in person; they gave me the pre-run boost I needed.  It started pouring rain during the talk and continued to rain on the ride back to the hotel.  I think this is just what we needed to keep those temperatures down tomorrow morning.  I think I am the only person not freaking out about the rain tomorrow and I am hopeful that it will be cool and the rain will stop by 7am.  
 Once I got back to the hotel, I had this for dinner…
Note the Nuun for extra hydration power!
Now, I am just catching up on some television before heading to bed!  
I won’t be hard to spot tomorrow!  Told you this skirt was an amazing addition to my Team Red, White & Blue gear.  Match made in heaven – thank you SparkleSkirts!


  1. Cora is such a rock star. So are you, of course.

  2. Thanks Stephanie 🙂

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