T-Minus 12 Hours

I have been all over the board trying to decide whether or not to run the ZOOMA half marathon, as I originally planned, or downgrade my half to a 10k.

May was a really tough month for me to train.  I still ran but I won’t exactly say that I trained hard and regularly.  I fit it in where I could and some weeks were better than others.  That being said, I am still in better shape today than I was in February when I ran my last half.  I am getting stronger day by day and I need to trust that I can do it.  Today I decided, I WILL RUN THE HALF TOMORROW.

I mean, I admit that previewing the hilly course made my stomach flip flop a bit.  But,  I can do it.  I love to run and as I sit here in my hotel, I can’t image how crappy I would feel if I bailed.  Now all that may change while I am out on the course tomorrow; but, at least right now, I can say that I am ready for the challenge that tomorrow will bring.  Bring it on hills.  Bring it on heat.  My body is my own and I trust that it can carry me the distance.

That is my pep talk to myself.

Until the finish line tomorrow,


  1. GOOD LUCK! You'll be fine. I bet you'll even have FUN! I wish I had previewed the course I'm running tomorrow, should have since I was within 2 miles of it today, but I figure a simple out and back half marathon can't hold too many surprises. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for both of us tomorrow morning!

  2. Thanks Kasey!! Good luck to you too! Happy thoughts! Happy Thoughts! Can't wait to hear how your race goes 🙂

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