Race Results: Cupcake Classic Virtual 5k

Today Cora and I ran the Cupcake Classic 5k, a virtual race hosted by Run with Jess!  It seems like I am not the only cupcake lover in the running world… thank goodness!  This world is a much better place thanks to running cupcake lovers 🙂

Image Via Run with Jess

Just before we headed out!
I decided to take Cora out for a spin in the BOB since we are having some gorgeous fall weather here in Maryland.  We went to Lake Artemesia, my favorite local paved loop, to “race” the Cupcake Classic.  
My Little Running Buddy!
Hello Beautiful Autumn Morning!
Since I am running the Army Ten Miler this weekend and am still freaked out about my knee after last week’s episode, I decided to take it easy for the run.  All in all, I am very happy with my results!  My legs felt better than they did yesterday and that gave me a boost of confidence heading into the weekend.  I still don’t think I will be 100% but I should still be able to run the race and definitely have a great time for a great cause!
Back to the cupcake race.  My goal was to run each mile progressively faster than the last, by about 15 seconds.  Considering I ran with the stroller and that I wanted to stay very conservative, I am very happy with my splits from today.  It definitely helps to have Cora telling me to, “catch them Mommy!” and yell, “Go Mommy, Go!”  She is seriously the best little cheerleader!

My favorite cheerleader!  
And once I finished the Cupcake Classic, Cora was very happy to get out and about!  Sporting her shades of course…  

All that sass says I am in trouble!
Thank you for hosting such a fun virtual race Jess!  As always, it was a blast!  And I LOVE supporting another cupcake enthusiast! 
Happy Running!

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