Race Recap: Army Ten Miler

On Sunday, October 21, 2012, I ran my first Army Ten Miler.  After an early wake up, Jake dropped me off at the metro and I headed into DC solo.  The metro was jam packed but I arrived around 7am, with plenty of time to drop off my gear at the check, wait in the long porto potty lines, watch the Golden Knights drop in, and find my corral.  

Photo Courtesy of Team Fisher House
Once I made it to my corral, it was already time for the opening remarks, prayer, and the National Anthem.  The wounded warriors were off first.  Our friend Ben was racing on his hand bike and I really wish I was able to see his start.  
But, before I knew it, a few more waves were released and it was time for BLUE!  As a fundraiser for Team Fisher House, I felt an automatic connection with runners on the course.  Teammates were everywhere and the sense of community was amazing during the race.  There were lots of continuous well wishes throughout the race.  It was just awesome!

All in all, the race course was beautiful.  We started off at the Pentagon, ran towards the Lincoln Memorial, past the JFK Center and the Washington Monument, and up and down Independence Avenue before looping back to make the home stretch over the dreaded Fourteenth Street bridge.

While the first few miles of the course were jam packed, I was eventually able to hit a groove.  I was very comfortable until my leg started acting up around the 7-8th mile.  Despite the dull pain, I knew that I was still going to be able to beat my secret goal time of 1:30 as long as I stayed strong over the final stretch of rolling hills.

This a reminder of why not to run in shorts… lucky I had on compression short ;

Jake, Cora, and my mother-in-law were cheering for me along the home stretch.  This was the first race in a long time that I felt like I had zero left in the tank for the finish.  Maybe it was because of the way the finish line was situated but that final half mile felt as though it took forever to run.

But boy was I happy to see my cheerleaders!

Waving to Cora and Cora waving back!  Best sight ever!

And at the finish, I received the beautiful ATM finisher’s coin.  Knowing I had hit my goal, I made my way to our reunion spot at the Team Fisher House Tent.

Here are my final results:

And my Garmin splits:

Not too shabby considering all the drama with my knee the weeks prior to the race.

My favorite cheerleaders!
Team Fisher House Group Photo -In the white cap in the back!

We then quickly (as quickly as a half mile walk with climbing over jersey barriers can be) made our way to the bag drop so that I could grab my cell phone and warmer clothes.  We then were able to link up with a few other friends that ran the race.  Our kiddos got a chance to play and it was the perfect way to end a great race!

Supporting Team RWB and Team Fisher House!  

I can’t wait to run another Army Ten Miler!



  1. Congrats on running a great race! I'm glad your knee held up well.

  2. Looks like a great time out there, nice job!

  3. Way to go! Don't we always have secret goals? :DGlad the race went well- looks like it was a beautiful day!

  4. Awesome job! Congrats!

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