Lottery LUCK!

No, I don’t have luck with that kind of lottery.  I wish.  But, I do have some luck with the RUNNING LOTTERY these days.  This month, I found out the I am IN for two big DC races in April.

First up is the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on April 7th.  I have heard that this is a must run race while living in DC, especially if those cherry blossoms are in fact in bloom for the race.  Fingers crossed that mother nature cooperates 🙂

Image Via CUCB
Image Via CUCB
And a few weeks later on April 28th, I will run the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC.  

Image Via NWM Half 
Image Via NWM Half

Might as well run as much as I can in DC while we still live here, right?
So, who else is IN?



  1. Hey Lisa! I am running the NWM half in DC too!!

  2. Awesome that you got in to both! Are you going to enter the NYC Marathon lottery with all that luck?! 😉

  3. I will keep everything crossed for you for the flowers…last year they were gone before the race I was so bummed!!!! It was still fun to run in a different place, it was my first out of state run!

  4. Cherry Blossom here!! 🙂 Very excited!! If I get my TTC gear in time, it'll be my first "official" TTC race! (Technically Disney is the first 2013 race, but I won't have my gear in time.)

  5. NWM for me! I never win anything and was on pins and needles the day people started getting their emails. I'm so excited!! It will be my second 1/2. First one is Disney Princess on 2/24. 🙂

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