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I DID IT!  On February 24th, I completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon, the second leg of the runDisney’s Coast to Coast Challenge. The first half of the challenge was completed back on January 20th at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  If you are new to the runDisney races, the Coast to Coast Challenge involves completing a race at both Disneyland and Disney World within the calendar year.

While the Tinker Bell Half Marathon was one of my best races to date, with a personal record (PR) of 01:58:46, the Princess Half was another story.  It was indeed a CHALLENGE.  At about the halfway point, my knee really started to ache.  That dull ache slowly turned into a throbbing sensation.  The self-doubt crept in and screamed for me to quit.  At that point, I knew a PR was not possible and I was downright frustrated that my knee decided to act up again.  I was also disappointed that I didn’t take better care of myself in terms of icing, stretching, and yoga over the course of the past month in between races.
Yet, the thought of having that coveted Coast to Coast Challenge medal is ultimately what propelled me to complete the race.  After taking a break and walking, I gathered myself mentally and decided that despite my aching knee and less than stellar performance, I could indeed complete the challenge.  The runDisney sparkle and magic brought me to the finish and I even managed a smile.
So, despite a disappointing race, I am so happy to say that I completed the runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge.  With a little glitter and pixie dust, anything can happen.
Are you planning on going Coast to Coast in 2013?



  1. Love those finish line pics, especially the Princess one with Donald – very cute! I can't wait to get my C2C medal this fall in Disneyland! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your Coast to Coast medal….Your Tinker Bell and Princess medals are amazing and what an accomplishment! :c)I plan to run my first Disney race and first 1/2 this fall! Oh…and your running skirts for both were so cute…

  3. Congrats to you, and especially great job on pushing through the pain (hopefully you're resting now)!I won't be doing Coast to Coast this year, but maybe next year?? Does it count if you do two races of different lengths? Like a marathon and a half? Not 100% run what the qualifications are for that.

  4. Congrats!! That is awesome….I know I have never been too much of a Disney girl but in reading posts about them I want to do them so bad now!! Maybe not Goofy but the others 🙂

  5. Congrats on earning your Coast to Coast! I love the runDisney races!

  6. @Alicia. Right now you can get the Coast to Coast medal for the half marathon and marathon distances. You have to run the races in the same calendar year.Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! Such great fun!!

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