As I mentioned previously, the RNR USA Expo was held on Thursday and Friday prior to the race.  I wasn’t thrilled about having to go on Friday but Jake and I made surprisingly quick business of our trip.

I knew I wanted to pick up a few rolls of KT Tape and have someone tape my IT band so I got on line as soon as we entered the Armory.  Luckily they were front and center when we walked through the doors and I couldn’t believe that the line there was so short!

Despite being there during the lunch hour, there were no lines for the packet and shirt pick up area.

We quickly made our rounds through a few vendors before hitting the road.  I made sure to stop at the Nuun booth.  I was REALLY hoping they were going to have their new flavors out for testing… no luck!  But, I was able to purchase a couple tubes of my favorite flavor!  Yumm!  And how could we say no to the Reboot folks with their sweet sunglasses!  

Race recap coming soon!


  1. Love the shirt and know you had a PR….looking forward to reading your race recap!

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