Misery Loves Company: Our Move

Blogging is far from my mind these days.  To call this past week stressful would be a bit of an understatement.  The reason?  Our MOVE.  I feel as though this could be staged as a three -part saga so here it is.

Goodbye Maryland!
Part I.  Packing
One of the “perks” of being moved by the Army is that they provide you with packers.  Things didn’t start out on the best foot; the first day of packing was scheduled for June 11th and they showed up late.  Three guys showed up at 12:30pm and decided to take lunch from 2:30 until 3:30 before calling it a night at 6:00pm.  That’s fine since they said they would return the next day at 8:30am to complete the second floor.  I had to work from home to make sure that someone was home for their arrival.  No biggie…  Until, no one shows up at 8:30, 9:30, or 10:30…  Well you get the picture.  After calling our move coordinator, she can’t get in touch with the packers and I’m left with a not so great feeling about these folks and unsure that they will be able to finish packing and load the truck all on Thursday.  While at work on the 13th, I learned that the boss of the moving company arrived in the morning to begin packing… without her packing team.  Seems to me like she had no answers for why her team decided not to show up the day prior.  Shockingly, all was packed and in the moving truck by the end of Thursday but the customer service during this part of the move was awful.

At least someone understood the importance of my wine glasses!
Part II.  The Move
After the boxes and furniture were picked up, I was told the items needed to be brought to Virginia where they would be loaded into shipping containers since we have a huge hill and tricky driveway to navigate at our new home.  After calling the moving coordinator a couple dozen times, I was finally able to speak with her supervisor.  I just wanted an estimated delivery date.  Is that too much to ask for people?  Clearly, as I type this days later, the answer is yes, much too much to ask.  After talking to the moving coordinator and her supervisor all day Friday and Saturday, I was less than optimistic about a Monday or Tuesday delivery.  And, I eventually learned that they underestimated the number of containers needed so the delivery to NY would be delayed.  On Monday, I was assured that the containers were packed and making their way to NY.  Last time I checked, it is a five-hour drive from the DC area to NY.  And after more phone calls on Tuesday, it became clear that there would not be a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery. With an empty house, we made our way to New York on Saturday and tried to get settled in as best we could without our things.

Moving is tough on all of us!
Part III.  The Drop – To Be Continued
We are in New York and are still without our household goods.  So why is this an issue?  The MUST DELIVER BY DATE in the contact t between the movers and the government is today, JUNE 19th.  I still have no furniture and our anticipated delivery date is now the 4thof July weekend, close to a month from when we started the process.  I took this week off work to unpack and now, it has gone to waste.  I’m not sure what to do when the movers actually do come since I am supposed to start telecommuting on Monday and my husband will also be starting his new position the Monday after the 4th of July holiday.  These movers have been so disrespectful of our time that it makes me sick.  I am so exhausted from the yelling, crying and begging for an earlier delivery date.  And, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that there is NO ONE in the Hudson River valley area that can deliver these containers to our home. 
Thanks for listening to my rant, you captive audience you.  Feel free to vent your moving nightmares below!  Misery loves company!

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