Biking Fears & Enter to Win a Montague Bike!

I have a fear of bikes.  Yup, this Team Tough Chik member is afraid of bikes.  Why?  Well, like many children, I often rode my bike to get around.  In fact, I even used to race moto-cross (a story for another day!).  But, one afternoon, I was hit by a car while riding my bike with friends.  There were no major injuries but it obviously made a lasting impression since I have yet to take one out for a spin since.  

Sure, years ago I probably played around on my little brother’s bike but being a foot off the ground and doing it in a driveway isn’t exactly what I would call bike riding.  But, I would be lying if bike riding didn’t pique my interest.  All my fellow Tough Chiks and Team Red, White, and Blue athletes, have me hankering to try a bike and maybe one day race in a duathlon.  

But, for now, I want to start small and say, ride a bike in a park or ride a bike down the street!  So recently, I entered Montague Bikes giveaway for a folding bike.  Seems kind of perfect to get my feet wet before bigger and better biking adventures!

The contest ends of July 4th and one participant will be randomly selected to receive a brand new folding bike.  I am in not affiliated with Montague Bikes but thought it would be cool to help spread the word about this giveaway.  Feel free to check out their site at for additional rides.   To enter to win the contest, head on over to FaceBook at

So, what’s one thing you would love to do that kind of scares you?!

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