Race Recap: L.L.Bean 10k 2013

On the Fourth of July, I ran the L.L. Bean 10k in Freeport, ME.  This is the second time I was able to run this race.  But this time, my hubby, Jake, and my blogging friend, Kara, ran it with me.  Kara and I had plans to run together and pace one another.  I have to say that it was such a treat to have her to run with and I wish we lived closer to that we could run together more often!

Time to Wear the Eagle with Team RWB! 
My favorites – Zensah & Pure Connects = Happy Legs and Feet!

With a crowd of 1,500 runners, we arrived at the start about a half hour before the race.  I was able to link up with Kara and soon after making it to the starting area, chopping on a Honey Stinger waffle and drinking some Nuun, we were off!

Start – Mile 1:  The quick downhill start brings you down Bow Street to the turnoff on to South Street.  Kara and I wanted to stick to a 9:00 minute mile but it is easy to get carried away on the downhills of this section of the course.

Mile 1 – 2:  As you continue on South Street, there are a few low rolling hills but it is mostly flat.  I almost missed a water stop somewhere in here since there was just one table set up on the left hand side of the street and we were running on the right.

Mile 2- 3:  At just about the end of the second mile, you turn off South Street and make a couple turns to start your journey back into town and head for the hills.  A couple smaller hills made the end of this mile a little tough but I was thankful that we were half way done.

Mile 3 – 4:  Just after the Mile 3 marker, there was another water stop.  This time I stopped to walk as I drank a cup of water and poured a cup down my back.  There was also a sprinkler set up just before the water stop; it was awesome.  The heat was definitely starting to hurt me.   At this point, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep the pace I was hoping for given the hills and rising temperature.

Miles 4 -5:  This mile was complete with more hills.  I wanted to quit but at least after giant uphills, there are downhills.   That is just about the only positive thing about this part of the course.

Mile 5 – 6:  I felt like there was nothing left in the tank as we headed back into town on Main Street.  At this point, I told Kara to go on ahead.  I needed to walk and didn’t want to hold her back.  I slowed a lot and could not even pick it up in the home stretch.  I have never had that happen in race before and I always have something left for the finish.


Place Divpl Tot Div   Guntime Nettime  Pace  Name      Ag S Race# City/state
736  37/ 82 F2529   58:29   58:28   9:25 Lisa Pokorny  28 F  1103 College Park MD

My time was slower than last year but given the heat, I’m okay with that.  I just really need to figure out what’s up with me!  From mile 3 and on, my stomach was a bit cramped, I felt like I had to use the bathroom and I could not stop burping for the life of me.  The last time this happened was at another  hot and humid race, ZOOMA Annapolis.  I am beginning to wonder if heat and humidity don’t mix well with my stomach and what on earth I can do about it.  It is frustrating to have these issues!

Either way, it was a very well run race and I hope to run it again next year.  And after the race, I even got to meet Jen from Running with the Girls!  All in all, a fun, hot day to wear the eagle!

My favorite little race cheerleader!

Did you race on the Fourth?  How was your run?



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