Lessons from Marathon Training: Part 1

Instead of My Lessons from Marathon Training, this post should actually be called:

The Shit No One Tells YouHere’s my list so far…. Remember, I am only on training Week #6 here folks!

1.  You have no problem going to bed in compression gear.  So sexy.

2.  You will change your outfits to accommodate compression.  Forget just wearing it to bed, wear it everywhere.  Maxi dresses are still “in” right?

3. Plan strategic locations where you can use a bathroom.  No one wants to see you pooping on their lawn.  And, if you do, you could end up all over the news like this Albuquerque runner.

4.  The laundry pile up is INSANE.  I mean, the additional running and workout gear adds to the laundry.  Plus, it’s hard to want to wash, dry, and fold the clothes.  Forget about putting them back in their respective drawers or closets after a weekend long run.

5.  Lastly, and most important of all is that it takes a village to run a marathon.  When you have a child or children, a job and are trying to fit your miles in, you better have a babysitter/family member/friend there to support your time commitment to running.

I am sure that I will have lots more lessons from marathon training to add to this list as I get closer to the big day 😉

Have you encountered any of these things as you ramp up your training?  What would you add?



  1. Healthy Strides says:

    I am so guilty of 2 (and 3) and whole-heartily agree on No. 5. I couldn't do anything if my husband wasn't supportive.

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I honestly don't know how people can manage if they do not have a supportive partner. I think it's key to having a successful training cycle!

  2. I am guilty of many of these! Too funny that you posted this, I have a running list on my iPhone of "things I learned from training for a marathon" so similar! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun
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  3. Loved reading these 🙂 There are so many things you learn along the way during marathon training that no one tells you when you first get started. My favorite is, forget having a social life on Friday night and get ready to wake up on Saturday mornings earlier than you would dream of for work.
    My recent post Half Ironman Training: Week #8

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Ah yes, I mean, not that I have a stellar social life with a two year old daughter, but whatever once was there is now gone! I don't even want to have a beer or two on the weekends because I know I will never get out of bed if I do!

  4. My husband and I train for a lot of our races together, and I'm sure we would fail without each other's support. And also completely agree with 3. I'm so thankful i can do most of my long runs on a paved trail where there are quite a few bathroom stops.
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    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Thank goodness for supportive partners! My hubby runs with me too but he's not the biggest fan. He just likes that it is something that we can do together.

  5. mrscrashmattb says:

    I finished my first marathon in January, but I was SO not properly trained! I'm currently training to runDisney's Dopey Challenge so I'm following a real plan this time around…a couple plans actually. So for me it's my first time training for a marathon!

    #1 I'm pretty sure my husband has started to look at my compression socks as really lame thigh highs…because that's as sexy as I'm getting these days. #2 I am looking forward to Fall, when I can wear my knee high compression socks under jeans! Maxi's look awful on me. #4 I wear my running attire for daily errands before evening runs, so I have one less daily shirt/shorts to wash. I have considered a 2nd line dryer because so much of my running attire cannot go in the dryer!
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    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      I really wanted to do Dopey but I decided that I needed to see how my body would handle one marathon first. If all goes well and runDisney hosts another Dopey next year, I might consider it. BUT, it would depend on things with work and my family since it is such a HUGE time suck to train.

  6. Lisa Jones says:

    I'm 2 mths into my training and can resonate with #5 especially this month with my husband out to sea all month. I truly have some wonderful friends that are helping me get my long runs in, even staying over so I can leave nice and early to beat the heat. I also always notice that I find a new things that chafe with marathon training,lol. (TMI?) Lately it's been my Camelbak rubbing somewhere be it my shoulder blades or under my arms. Gotta hydrate though and hate having anything in my hands. I should be getting my compression socks today, can't wait to use them for recovery. Hope your training is going well!

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Not TMI. I have odd chaffing problems now too! They never really popped up when training for half marathons. I guess I can add that to Part 2 of the Shit No One Tells You! All in all, training is going okay. I'm just trying to stay healthy for Hood to Coast and the Dumbo Dare Challenge. Then September will be time for those oh so long runs! Hope your training is going well too! See you at MCM!

  7. Have you reached the "You're so hungry after a long run nothing is safe" point yet? I seem to get that anytime miles are over 10 for a run. I also reach a point where I get excited simply because I have a new flavor of Gu or sport beans- during my second marathon, I got so sick of the orange flavor I brought, and it took nearly 6 months before I could tolerate the thought of eating the last one from the box. I've learned I need variety!
    But my favorite part of marathon training: picking out race day outfits weeks in advance, testing it on long runs, and working to find the perfect pieces. Closely related to another part of marathon training: obsessing over the weather forecast because you've got a long run and cannot bear the thought of 16 miles on the treadmill.

    Glad it sounds like training is going well for you- keep it up!
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    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      It's weird because usually I am all about the "treats" – hello, I run for cupcakes. But recently, I am not hungry at all. It's kind of the opposite that is happening. But, I have lots of LONG runs ahead so that might change again as I ramp up my mileage.

      I bet I will be obsessive with the weather too once I hit longer runs! Oh, and race outfit planning… Definitely forgot about that! EAK!

  8. Yes! I experienced all of those when I trained for my marathon. I’d say the d laundry is the worst. I ran doubles several days of the week so I went through about 9 running outfits a week. That’s a lot of laundry! The thing I’d add to the list is how dang tired the training made me. There were nights I was struggling to stay awake past 8.
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    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      I love my sleep and I think this is 100% true! I feel so bad because I am such a sound sleeper and my husband does a majority of waking up with my daughter because I am out cold!

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