198 Miles from Hood to Coast

The Hood to Coast relay covers 198 Miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon.

Laura had the honor of starting off Team Lemonade at Mount Hood.  She was followed up by the lovely Leslie.  And before I could wrap my head around what was about to happen, it was my turn to run down the mountain!

hood to coast

Hood to Coast

Leg #3-  3.93 Miles/Easy Rating  – 

HTC Predicted Finishing Time: 30:27 (7:44/mile)

 Actual Finishing Time: 29:11 (7:22/mile)

I heard rumors that Leg #3 was a beautiful run and it did not disappoint.  I felt powerful and was reminded of why I love to run.  This leg was definitely at a 5k PR pace for me.  I think the 800ft of elevation loss might have a little something to do with my splits 🙂

And, as you can see from this photo, the roadway was covered with trees on both sides.  There were also small waterfalls and creeks along the way.  I remember barely looking at my watch as I coasted down the inclines.  It was that breathtaking.

I handed off to Jolene before heading into the next exchange area.  Seeing her smiling face standing there definitely helped me push it into the exchange!hood to coast

Leg #15-  7.25 Miles/Hard Rating  

HTC Predicted Finishing Time: 65:20 (9:00/mile)

 Actual Finishing Time: 64:30 (8:53/mile)

This is the leg I would rather not discuss.  Everything started off GREAT.  Going into the race, I was really worried about running in the middle of the night because I am a huge wuss.  Well, turns out, running at night was really awesome and exhilarating!  There were enough people sprinkled along the roadways that I never felt creeped out.  And a few miles in, I fell into pace with another runner.  There wasn’t much talk but it was really nice to have someone to pace off.  That was until I started to feel really sick.  I slowed my pace and he stopped to ask if I was okay.  I think he thought I was injured.  I replied with the only words I could muster, “I need a potty.”  Hello, are you 5 years old?  You need a potty.  Anyway, he quickly said well, there is no one behind you.  I looked over my should and he was right.  No one was flashing in the distance.  It was either stop and go, try and hold it another couple miles or risk having an “accident.”  I opted for NOW.  Seriously, I was so em-BARE-ASSed.  But after I finished my business, I was able to pick up the pace again and finish strong (You can see me GLOWING as I handed off to Jolene!).

hood to coast

I made it into the shoot, quickly explained the CODE BROWN situation to my van-mates, and made my way to the porta-potties for a quick baby-wipes shower.  The trouble was I could not get my stomach under control at the next two exchanges so I took some Imodium (thanks nurse Jolene!) and passed out in the back of the van.  I think I slept the most consecutive hours in a van by any relay runner ever.  Thank you to my teammates for allowing me the rest and not mercilessly making fun of my “situation”.  In fact, it was almost treated as a runner’s rite of passage.

hood to coastLeg #27-  5.79 Miles/Medium Rating  

HTC Predicted Finishing Time: 54:12 (9:21/mile)

 Actual Finishing Time: 54:11 (9:21/mile) I clocked this leg a bit longer at 6 Miles. 

My legs felt like they just did not want to move.  I was still freaked out by the stomach issues I had the night prior so I was hesitant to eat to much before my run.  The first few miles went well and I was so happy to have my van stop and provide me with some water on the run!   But once they were out of sight, I started to feel the sun beating down on me and the temperature rising.  I really wanted to call it quits.  But there is something about running a relay that prevents you from calling it quits.  I didn’t want to disappoint my teammates and I often thought of them and my daughter as I struggled through some of the rolling hills and banked roadways on this leg.  But, as I came into the home stretch, it was incredibly bittersweet.  I knew my runs were over and the time at Hood to Coast was coming to a close.

hood to coast

hood to coast

hood to coast

hood to coast

Interested in hearing about the legs of my other Van #1 mates from Team Lemonade?

Here they are! Runner #1 LAURA, Runner #2 LESLIE, Runner #4 JOLENE, Runner #5 ANDREA, & Runner #6 KRISTEN!

Stay tuned for the Seaside after party with Nuun and Hood to Coast!



  1. You did so awesome on your runs. I mean, running almost a minute faster in the middle of the night including a code brown?!? You rock. I was so glad you felt better for your last leg.
    My recent post It's the Sweet Life

  2. Such a cool experience! I feel you on the "I need a potty." I've found myself in some pretty sticky situations, haha.
    My recent post Exciting News!

  3. marathonlar says:

    em-BARE-ASSed…LOL!! And you seriously rocked all your runs and I think our van was just cursed with CODE BROWN all around :). I loved all your outfits too, you were always easy to spot on the course!
    My recent post 2013 Hood to Coast Relay – Part 3

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Seriously! We were cursed! Next time we all run together (because there will be a next time) we should go with the BROWN SPARKLESKIRTS! Just saying 😉

  4. Nice job Lisa. I loved hearing about this race when we got to see you in Disneyland. I bet you are having a nice week or so of recooperating after back to back race weekends.
    My recent post Brunch at Goofy's Kitchen!

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      So glad we had a chance to sit down and talk at Disneyland! I have to admit I took it pretty easy this week and am wishing I didn't have that pesky Marathon lingering in the back of my mind.

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