Review and Giveaway: Swiftwick Socks

Disclaimer:  The following post is a product review and giveaway.  As a member of Nuun Hydration’s Hood to Coast relay team, I was provided with two pairs of Swiftwick socks.  Swiftwick is also sponsoring the giveaway of one $25.00 Swiftwick gift certificate for one of my followers.   As always, all opinions are my own.

I am perpetually on a quest for happy feet.  When re-entered the running world a few years ago, I quickly learned the importance of socks through trial and error.  For me, it was out with the cotton and in with the fancy pants running socks.  So, when a new sock comes my way, I am hesitant to wear it.  Why?  I’m of the opinion, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  When I received a few pairs of Swiftwick socks, a sponsor of Nuun Hydration‘s Hood to Coast relay team, I was a little hesitant to give them a whirl.  But, some of my brave teammates tried them right away.  What?  Wearing something new during a race?  And guess what? Their feet didn’t complain one bit, they ran their legs in them, danced in the middle of an Oregon roadway in them and really seemed to like them!

Swiftwick at HTC

Jolene and Andrea busting a move in their Swiftwicks 🙂

I still wasn’t convinced enough to run in them at Hood to Coast; but, they were one of the first things I eagerly tested out when I got back home.  And just like my Nuun teammates, I love them!  While Swiftwick has a ton of difference styles of socks, I received the ASPIRE line in two difference heights, ONE (ankle) and TWELVE (calf).  The ASPIRE line contends that they are a lightweight sock with no seams that is perfect for a narrow foot.  I have to agree with them.  I tried these socks out of several runs of different lengths and they are snug, don’t bunch up in the toe box, provide compression, and yes, I am still blister free.


For running, I will likely purchase more of the ASPIRE line ankle socks to bring into my rotation.  As for the calf socks, they just aren’t my thing for running.  I prefer to run in a separate calf sleeve so that I can wear my favorite socks with them.  BUT, that doesn’t mean that I won’t wear these socks for recovery, especially since I am upping my mileage for the Marine Corps Marathon!


Want to try them for yourself?  Swiftwick is generously providing one reader with the opportunity to win a $25.00 gift certificate to their website.  And if you are curious, Swiftwick offers a ton of different height socks, so you are not just limited to the ONE and TWELVE that I tried out!  Use Rafflecopter to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to let me know how you keep your feet happy!

Good luck!


Disclaimer:  The following post is a product review and giveaway.  As a member of Nuun Hydration’s Hood to Coast relay team, I was provided with two pairs of Swiftwick socks.  Swiftwick is also sponsoring the giveaway of one $25.00 Swiftwick gift certificate for one of my followers.   As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. My feet love compression!

  2. ALL about the good socks too! I need to try these. The right socks make a HUGE difference. Thanks for this awesome giveaway and love the bust a move photo!

  3. I, too, am skeptical about new socks. I have always been blister prone and when I find a pair of socks that minimizes the blisters, I'm afraid to try something else. These sound awesome though, and I'd love a chance to try them!

  4. Compression, Compression, Compression!!!

  5. No cotton, THAT's for sure!!

  6. I love my comfy shoes and great compression socks!

  7. I rotate shoes to keep my feet happy.

  8. I love compression socks and toe socks which definitely have helped prevent blisters this summer!

  9. Jen Ressler says:

    Compression socks on longer runs and dry wick socks on shorter runs

  10. I just need dry feet to keep them happy!

  11. Dry wick socks and body glide!

  12. I have been wanting to try these socks for some time now! No real tricks, dry wick socks, massage and compression after my long runs.
    My recent post Harvest Wine Run Recap

  13. I like toe socks!

  14. I wear good socks when running (usually Swiftwick or Nike) and I also wear compression socks when recovering.

  15. I keep my feet happy and blister free w/Swiftwicks! I love the zeros.
    My recent post Parkside Realty Townsend 15k – race recap

  16. Definitely a good pair of socks. They are a must!
    My recent post Happy Trails to ME!

  17. I like the Swiftwick socks and would love a couple more pair!
    My recent post When Do You Replace Your Running Shoes?

  18. beckyginther says:

    I don't really have any. I must try these socks to see if it helps!
    My recent post Giveaway! Disney Charm Bracelets

  19. Erica @ erica finds says:

    I love my Swiftwick Aspire socks or CEP compression short socks (which look dorky but work wonders). Also trial and error with shoes has led me to awesome blister free feet. Except my poor 2nd toe on my left foot which is missing again!

  20. Betsy Bernstein says:

    I love Swiftwick! And as a Nashvillian, always happy to support a local company !

  21. Compression socks

  22. My feet are loving the shoes I'm running in so since April this years it's been pretty easy to keep my feet happy. I do however love my Injinji socks for running. Have heard great things about Swiftwick though and would be more than happy to try them out!

  23. I love to wiggle my toes to get them moving and shaking (also helps keep them from falling asleep… usually)
    My recent post Running ragged

  24. My feet feel the love when I wear compression socks. They really do work wonders! I like to keep my feet extra happy by slathering on some Body Glide before my longer runs.

  25. I’m funny about new things too; if it is t broke, don’t fix it! But I do love socks and would love to win the Swiftwicks!

  26. I love Balega socks. Like you said, I usually prefer to run in compression sleeves so I can wear any socks. But I've just started trying to run in compression socks to see if they provide better ankle/achilles support. I'd love to try some Swiftwicks!

  27. I keep my feet happy by wearing compression socks and getting pedicures! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun
    My recent post Running Solo

  28. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    I love Swiftwick socks!!!

  29. Its all about good socks and the right shoes 🙂

  30. One can never have too many good socks 🙂

  31. Right now I run in Injinji but would love to try others ! The right socks keep your feet happy !

  32. After having major blisters between my toes last Summer due to increased mileage, I was turned on to Swiftwick…haven't worn since, other than ProCompression for recovery.

  33. Comfy shoes make my feet happy ^_^

  34. I really love compression socks. Sometimes I wear the sleeves and in that case my fave socks to pair with them are feetures.
    Jill recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

  35. runningsouthern says:

    I wear Swiftwick for all my runs! They make my feet happy
    My recent post Marriage Matters Top 5

  36. I switch through my socks and do what is necessary to keep them dry if it's not already raining.
    My recent post Happy Birthday, Bad Blogger

  37. Connie Tornow says:

    Happy feet: Icebreaker wool running socks and Brooks shoes that aren't too old.

  38. Need new running socks!

  39. MaryaliciaVerdecchia says:

    What are your tricks for keeping your feet happy on the run?
    Keeping them dry and in fun socks..well at least it makes me happy 😛

  40. I LOVE compression socks. I only own a couple of pairs though, so I rotate them. They are great for my feet/legs. And, Body Glide is a MUST for long runs for me.
    My recent post Sunrail Sneak Peek Ride

  41. foxywholefoodie says:

    I keep my feet happy with post-run compression socks! :-0
    My recent post Healthy Hobbies Beyond Fitness

  42. I would love to try these! I make sure I pamper my feet every once in awhile. And def running socks made for running – no regular cotton ones! 😉

  43. I am super picky about socks. I wear CEP compression. and a first was all aabout the socks. then I tried the sleeves!!! OMG i love there. They give me the option to get compression and wear fav socks. Or flip flops apres race! I ahve heard a lotta good things tho about these sock…so would love to give ema try!
    My recent post The Half that WASN'T

  44. LOVE new socks especially ones that keep away blisters!!

  45. I keep them dry, in comfy shoes, and I wear socks made for runners!
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday…..Injury edition

  46. I use my run-goo which helps prevent blisters!
    Rafflecopter name: organicallyou

  47. Wearing good socks and also using bodyglide to prevent blisters!

  48. give me compression gear, sweat-wicking socks that don't give my pinky toe a horrible blister, and my newtons and I'm a happy runner 🙂

  49. I wear compression socks – when I get home, I put my feet up in the air for about 10 minutes

  50. I apply body glide on my toes and I use my favorite running socks! 🙂 I wear compression socks on long runs and I make sure I foam roll after. 🙂
    My recent post Coast-to-Coast Trip Part 3: Hoover Dam & Las Vegas

  51. I lube my feet up with Aquaphor before every run. I'm a major foot sweater and my feet get drenched on even short runs.

  52. Shemp DeYoung says:

    Try to avoid uneven terrain whenever possible.

  53. wdickson210 says:

    I love, love compression socks

  54. I wear compression for long runs and for after. Would love to try the Swiftwick version!
    My recent post Time for another full marathon!

  55. I love compression! The right type of sock is important to keep my feet happy!
    Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja recently posted…Be Green, Save Green…And Don’t Forget To Be Kind!My Profile

  56. good socks and body glide on a long run.

  57. Good shoes and good socks!!
    My recent post Diamond Candle Review and giveaway

  58. I'd love to try these out. I'm always looking for some new socks!

  59. I wear PROCompression socks on almost every run (trainer lows for short runs, marathon socks for long runs). Would love to give Swiftwick a try and see how they compare.

  60. Melissa Lea says:

    haven't found a way to keep my feet happy. Once they go numb………

  61. compression and ice baths! 🙂
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  62. My feet are not liking compression socks while running – neuromas. BUT ice baths for my feet feel fantastic after long runs!!!
    My recent post Guest Post: Staying Motivated with an At-Home Yoga Practice

  63. Run happy shoes 🙂

  64. Good socks (I love Swiftwick!) and cutting my toe nails short before a long run!

  65. Compression!

  66. christi in ma says:

    I try to keep my feet happy by wearing shoes wide enough to fit my big FredFlinstone feet!

  67. I just started wearing compression socks and they're pretty cool.

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