2014 Team Tough Chik Registration & Giveaway!

Tough Chik logo2014 Team Tough Chik registration opens TODAY!  This supportive group of runners, bikers, swimmers and all around athletes has become such an amazing part of my life.  When I think of my Toughies, sisterhood, support, guidance, mentorship, friendship, and HARD WORK come to mind!  Toughies come in every shape, size, background and athletic ability.  Being a part of the team is all about knowing that  YOU ARE TOUGH ENOUGH!  Watch this video and I’m pretty sure that you will be convinced that you want this group of inspiring women cheering you on as you seek to accomplish your 2014 goals.

So how do you become a part of the 2014 Team?

1.)  Purchase a 2014 Team Tough Chik gear package.

2.)  Sport your brand new Tough Chik gear in at least one organized race or ride.

3.)  Spread the TOUGH LOVE!

And, to commemorate the opening of registration, I’m also hosting a giveaway for one ‘I Run Because‘ Tough Chik Tee!  It is one of those shirts that is so comfortable and hugs you in all the right places that it instantly became a favorite…  Just perfect for a jeans and t-shirt kind of day.  Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win your own!

I Run Because

2014 Team Tough Chik

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So tell me, what makes YOU a TOUGH CHIK?  Are you planning on joining the Tough Chik Team in 2014?


Disclaimer:  As a Team Tough Chik Ambassador, I was provided with with the opportunity to host a giveaway for one’I Run Because’ t-shirt.  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. You're such an inspiration!!

    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      LaToya, you should join! There are a couple Toughies local to MD/DC! The online FB group is awesome and so supportive of newly obsessed runners just like you 😉

  2. Tough means flowing like water. When I meet an obstacle, I either find a way around it or slowly carve my way through it!
    (ps- I'm pumped to be on the team again! If anyone is in doubt, this is the most wonderful group of ladies on the PLANET!!!!!)
    My recent post Against the odds- reflections

  3. Jessica L says:

    You just do it. Every day. No excuses.

  4. Woo hoo! Tough Chiks is an amazing group of women! Being part of the group is truly a life changing experience!

  5. Will. Drive. Determination. Never giving up. And not knowing how to fail.

  6. TOUGH is a state of mind, it takes work to get there sometimes!

  7. in 2010 I weighed 215 pounds, and was just beginning to run. After taking one hour 21 mins to run 10k I decided I needed to get in shape. I needed to change. So I started running. I ran when felt bad. Which at the time was often. I lost my job, broke p with my partner of several years, then i sprained my ankle. I walked, getting p to rnning. I did my longest run of 12km…and then decided maybe I should try to push and try a half marathon. this Saturday i will run my 20th half marathon. It has taken a LOT of work to get there. I am still not FAST. But dammit, I am tough. I can persevere. An I have come a long way! And, I am excited about the rest of my journey.
    My recent post Hot Damn THAT felt GOOD: Melissa's 10k Recap !

  8. I'm a tough chik because I don't give up! I am joining the team too! Can't wait to get my gear!
    My recent post Moving furniture as a life lesson

  9. beckyginther says:

    I never give up and keep pushing on!
    My recent post October Monthly Round Up

  10. Having three children in two years and still being alive and smiling about it!!
    My recent post A lot of stuff!!!

  11. I am training for a marathon and hopefully triathlon soon! 🙂
    My recent post Coast-to-Coast Trip Part 4: Jackson Hole, WY

  12. Kelly Braund says:

    I'm tough because I'm a mom! They make you tough! 🙂

  13. Lindsay M. says:

    I'm tough because i don't give up. 😀

  14. I have't given up!!!! I keep going and going!
    My recent post Goodbye September, Hello Race Month October!

  15. I wake up and run in the wee hours of the morning

  16. Kimberly S says:

    What makes me a Tough Chik? I am a Mommy of two beautiful children, wife of an amazing hubby and I am fighting cancer like a boss! I will NEVER EVER give up and I WILL win this fight! ❤️

  17. that shirt's really pretty! 🙂
    also, what makes me tough is facing every hardship life presents me with with a smile! 🙂

  18. i just joined tough chiks 🙂 im excited!
    My recent post its the most wonderful time of the year

  19. Teresa M. says:

    I'm a tough chick because I never give up, and I don't let anyone tell me I can't do anything. I've found I can do just about whatever I put my mind to, I may not be fast, and it may take me a while, but I will do it. I went from couch to marathon in a year.

  20. Never giving up!

    (Side note: I liked the facebook pages from my running page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page which you have to use to log into rafflecopter)

  21. I'm a TOUGH CHICK because I am DETERMINED!!! 🙂

  22. I'm a tough chick because I don't give up. :))

  23. I'm a tough chick because I got for what I want. 🙂

  24. carie arnett says:

    I have made it through having a special needs child and still can get up and work on myself to be a better mom!

  25. I love this shirt! I can't believe I don't have one yet.
    My recent post Control

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