Race Recap: 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn 10k

Last weekend I ran the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn 10k.  Since we live about an hour from Brooklyn, I figured I would drive in for the event.  HUGE mistake!  Despite leaving at 4:30 and arriving to Brooklyn around 5:35, all of the recommended parking lots provided by the Rock ‘n’ Roll website were full.  Yes, all of them.  Do I fault them, no.  They warned runners and spectators that public transportation would be the best option but that wasn’t really a great option considering where I live.  I finally found a garage, by sheer luck, which had a parking spot.  I had no clue where I was and luckily a nice couple that pulled into the garage after me saved the day!  They were also headed to the race to watch their son run so we walked to the starting area together.  There were no signs directing runners on where to go so I was thankful to have folks that were familiar with the area leading the way.  The whole parking fiasco and walk to the start area left me with less than half hour to get my bib, check my bag, hit the toilets and make it to the corrals.  If there is one thing I hate, it is being late, especially to the start of a race.

Rock ‘n’ Roll allowed runners to sign up for race day packet pickup, which was awesome.  While the lines were long, they moved very quickly.  They provided you with bibs and informed you that your shirts could be picked up after the event.  This was great for folks that were prepared to not check a bag.  Since it was chilly that morning, I still had extra clothes I wanted to shed, so I made my way over to the bag check area, dropped my clothes, and then hit the toilet line.  This line too was long but moved pretty quickly.  Then, I met up with running bud and fellow blogger Marlesa from Mar on the Run.  We caught up a bit as we walked over to the starting area.  And when we arrived at the corrals, they were already singing the national anthem.  We parted ways and I hopped into Corral 2.  Actually, it wasn’t so much a hop.  It was more like weaseling my way into the tiny opening and pushing through to find a wee bit of open space for the start.

With not even a minute to spare, I was off and running.  I had no clue how I was going to run the race and didn’t really have time to think about it before we were moving.  The weather was absolutely perfect; it was cool but the sun was beginning to shine so I knew that the near perfect weather would help my run.  I didn’t want to set out too fast but I also knew what I needed to do in order to PR.  Running under 50 minutes is something that I have set my sights on for a while and I knew if I could push it, I would could achieve that time. Honestly, the race felt really good, a little uncomfortable at times, but a hardworking kind of good.

2013 Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn 10k

The only issue I had was somewhere between Mile 4 and Mile 5.  I got stepped on a bit and had to stop for a moment to fix my shoe.  I also had a snafu at a water stop as the runner in front of me missed grabbing her cup, resulting in it dumping all over me!  The water itself felt pretty good but a wet sparkle skirt didn’t feel so great!  I tried to brush it off, situate my skirt and gather myself again for the final mile or so.  I lost some time there (I dropped to an 8:45/mile), so I knew I needed to kick it into gear and finish strong.  I can honestly say that I gave it my all that last bit and I was never so happy to turn the corner towards the finish line.

After the finish, I grabbed a chocolate milk and banana and made my way over to the bag check area to grab my close.  I then stopped by the booth to pick up my event t-shirt.  Then I happily parked it in the grass to stretch while I admired my new hardware.And, within a few minutes, I was able to meet up with Mar again!

2013 Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn 10kWe chatted, took some photos, and then made our trek back to our cars.  All in all, it ended up being a gorgeous day for a run!  And, I have to say that I was more impressed with this Rock ‘n’ Roll event than the other two (Vegas ’11 and DC ’13) that I have run.

Are you for or against the Rock ‘n’ Roll race series?  Did you run Brooklyn?



  1. funfitgirl says:

    I'm running my first Rock'n'Roll race this weekend – the 13.1 at Denver. I'll definitely do a post recapping everything! I'm definitely a little concerned about how I'm going to get there/parking…thinking I'll just take the light rail into the city and save myself the headache.
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    • Lisa_Cupcake says:

      Yes! Save yourself the trouble if you can. I hate the feeling of being rushed around and not having time to settle into a good headspace before a run. Good luck to you and be sure to let me know how the race goes!

  2. GREAT recap! And even better seeing you! Loved this race travel logistics notwithstanding. You were super speedy 🙂
    Mar @ Mar on the Run! recently posted…Hips Don’t Lie…My Profile

  3. Ooh! Sucks about the parking, but at least you made it!! 🙂 Sounds like a perfect day for a race.

    I’ve never done an RnR event. They always seem so expensive, but I’m starting to think they might be worth it.
    Clarinda recently posted…Marathon Monday #11My Profile

  4. Congrats on another great race!! I swear people affiliated with running (even if they are only there to cheer!) are the nicest people. Must be all those endorphins 😉 I've been less than impressed with my Rock n' Roll experiences, BUT it may just be because I'm a small town girl at heart.
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