2013 Running Bling

After every race, I hang my medals on my dresser mirror.  Whenever I look at them, I often comment about how I need a medal rack.  Well, this Christmas, I finally received one!  As, I hung each one of the medals from this year up on the display, I couldn’t help but think I have a serious problem when it comes to races…

I just love the bling!  I will confess, that when I find out that a race does not offer a medal, I get a little upset.  Sure the finisher’s necklaces from Nike and ZOOMA are gorgeous, but there is nothing like receiving a medal for your achievement (Happy dance… ZOOMA is offering medals in 2014! YES!).

So here is my running bling collection from 2013!  What a year!

Running Bling

Running Bling2

What was your favorite race medal this year?  Do you like alternative items to commemorate your races?


PS.  In case you are wondering, the medal display came from Running on the Wall.


  1. Very cute! Probably my favorite race would be the Allstate 13.1, it's also my PR half.
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  2. Angela-Chicken Scoop says:

    I love that scull and cross bone one!
    I was really bummed the first year I ran the Broad Street Run (in Philadelphia). They had no medals that year 🙁 And it was my first race longer than a 5K. Boo!
    I really liked the necklace from the Nike Women's Half. I can wear it every day (and I do!)
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    • That medal was a great surprise at a small race in CT. I plan to do it again since I scored a major PR there! Hopefully they have great medals again.

      I love my Nike necklace too.. But like I said, I love my medals!

  3. They make great racks! Teehee that sounded funny! But you know what I mean. I display mine in the garage. Each family has a row and we proudly hang ours there!

  4. MCM this year is my favorite ever!

  5. Oh, man…two favorites! Chicago Women’s Half and Indy Women’s Half medals…they’re super girly, big and blingy! I mean, there’s nothing better than getting a medal after a race. With the Olympics coming up, I can only imagine what it would feel like to have an Olympic medal! I’ll never know, obvi.

  6. wdickson210 says:

    WOW! I think because 2013 was my BIG running year, I cant narrow down to just one. I love ALL my cupcake virtual run medals. I love, love the Inner Wonder Woman virtual race medal too. The virtual runs were ran for certain causes so they definitely receive lots of love. If I have to choose (runs to the medal rack), I would say the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon. It was the 1st half for me EVER!

  7. RachelDeVaughn says:

    I love all your medals and race rack!! 🙂

  8. I actually purged a bunch of medals about two years ago. But I've racked up a few since then and just hid them in the closet. That was until this Christmas, my best friend made me one of these neat things too! I would have never bought one for myself, but it was a sweet and thoughtful gesture, so it is now hanging in my casa! Bling and all 🙂
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  9. I just got a medal holder this year, too! My favorite is the one from the Crawlin' Crab Half in Hampton. It's just a giant crab, but it's fun! 🙂
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  10. Beautiful medal display! Ryan has one, but I don't. We run almost all the same races, so I like to pretend they are mine too.. 🙂
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  11. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Awesome medals this year! Great rack too! You are going to need another very soon!!! 🙂 Your MCM medal looks a lot like mine! One of my faves!! I also like your pirate one(skull & bones).
    My faves this year are: RNR San Francisco and Portland Holiday Half.
    I like medals. You could say I am a medal junkie but sometimes I like necklaces. I have done SF Nike 2x and I like both of those!! 🙂

  12. I love all of your bling!
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  13. Lisa,
    I love the USMC medal and the Brooklyn medal the best (I am from NY maybe that's why I like the Brooklyn medal so much.) But to date, <sigh> I haven't received any medals of significance yet. But I'm still working on it. Great collection! Keep on running!
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