A New Year: 2014 Running Goals

Running Goals

Figuring out my 2014 running goals was a bit of a challenge.  Last year, running consumed most of my free time.  With 7 half marathons, my first full marathon, a relay, with a sprinkling of 5ks and 10ks, even I will admit that it was a bit much.  So this year, my race calendar is not jam-packed.  In fact, I only have two events that I am committed to right now and that is somewhat refreshing.  While I love to run and I love racing, I was extremely burnt out after Marine Corps Marathon.  In fact, I was so exhausted that I stopped running for 8 weeks.  I needed time to rest, recover, enjoy weekends with my family and transition into a new job.  And, now that I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, I remember why I started running.  And, in order to continue to enjoy running and not feel as though it is a chore, I plan to do a few things differently this year when it comes to setting goals.

Goal #1.  Build a Solid Base:  As I am coming back from an 8 week break, I am taking it slowly.  I want to continue to build my mileage throughout the winter and fun a few races for fun.  Last year, I got to the point where I could sign up for a race on a whim since I had a solid base; I hope to get there again.

Goal #2.  Run Regularly:  To achieve a solid base, I need to run more regularly.  I will admit that I am fairly close to calling myself a weekend warrior.  I have a really hard time running on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  I somehow always get wrapped up in the work week.  I was really good about this during the summer and early fall but when I started my new job, I fell back into quasi-weekend warrior status.  This year, I intend to appropriately spread out the workouts that I need to run.   With the proper rest between runs I will be better able to hit my target paces/distances for my training runs.

Goal #3.  Run a Half Marathon PR:  I think that if I run a little bit smarter, as I mentioned above, I can achieve a new half marathon PR.  Last year, I saw a huge improvement when I slowed the pace, increased my mileage, and hit my speed work on my training plan.  I hope to do the same and run sub 1:50 at some point this year.  My guess is that I will probably try to pick a target race for early fall.

Goal #4.  Take it to the Trails:  Now that we have relocated, I have tons of trails available to me.  I dabbled in trail running as I prepared for Marine Corps Marathon.  This year, I want to leave the Garmin at home and discover some new trails around our house.  If all goes well with training this winter, I would love to run my first trail race in late spring.

I think that should keep me pretty busy in 2014.  What about you? Did you set any running goals for yourself?  How do your goals differ this year from last?



  1. I have decided to train smarter this year too! I want to focus on a few meaningful races and make those miles count. It is difficult right now though, to run every day like I want to because of teaching from 7:30am to 4:40pm and the sun still setting a little too early. Last week, I shared my goals on my blog and I'm so excited for what this year will bring! I hope our running paths will cross again Lisa!!
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    • It is so hard to find time when the sun and work are not on your side. I wake up and go to work in the dark and I come home in the dark… it is so depressing!

      Here's to 2014! We will cross paths again 😉 I'm thinking more and more about Maine!

  2. Stay consistent and you can achieve anything!
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  3. I haven't decided on my running goals yet, but I've taken a huge step back from racing, like you have. I'm only signed up for two races in 2014 and thats totally ok by me! Once I finish my half marathon (Glass Slipper) in February, I'll decide on my running goals for the rest of the year. One of them is to do more trails, too!

    • Glass Slipper is first up for me too! I kind of wish that I didn't sign up for it but at least it will be a fun race to get back in the swing of things! See you in FL!

  4. I'm trying to run more trails too. I don't know why it's taken me so long to realize that every time I run trails I have a great time… Happy trails to you!
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  5. Kristen L says:

    Sounds like some great goals for this year. It's nice to get on a consistent schedule of working out. I hope you will be able to figure that out soon with your new job!

    I'm thinking I would like to go for a half marathon PR this year too. I also want to focus on some strength training to improve my running.
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    • Yes, if I wanted to add a couple more things to my goals, I would say that I want to stay consistent with my stretching and yoga and ADD more core and strength training. Guns, do you have any tips? 😉

  6. i loved reading about all your running adventures last year, but I'm happy you get to just run for fun for a while! Sometimes the best runs happen when there's not so much pressure!
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    • Don't worry! I am sure that I will add more races to the calendar as I get back into the swing of things. Although, with my new job, I am going to limit the amount of races that I travel for… at least that's my thought right now. So the two races I already have scheduled require me to travel to FL and CA. I'll share more on those soon! Maybe I will travel for ZOOMA Annapolis though… Are you running it again?

  7. PghRunner says:

    Very smart to take that time off if you were burned out, and coming back slow is even smarter!

    Sounds like you have a great plan in order to achieve a new HM PR! Best of luck to you, I look forward to reading your new PR HM recap!

    • Thank you! I sure hope it all works out. I just want to take it easy this year and not stress about always having a race coming up. While I enjoy all the racing, I was absolutely exhausted by the time MCM rolled around last year!

  8. My goals mainly focus on getting better at running, mainly time! Your goals look great!
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  9. wdickson210 says:

    I have decided to train smart and eat more nutritious. I would find myself overdoing the training which would lead to bad eating habits. I am sticking to training plans and scheduled cross fit workouts. After reviewing last years journal, I found there were many sessions I blew off and cannot remember why. I am going to stick to promises to myself.

  10. Last year my goals were all about PRs and due to injury that didn't happen much, so this year my goal is only to get healthy. I love trail run and did two trail halves last year, hope you enjoy it.

    • I am a little worried about the trails, mostly because I don't want to get hurt. I guess it's a different kind of running and I just need to be more mindful of my foot placement! I'm sure I will get the hang of it.

      I think you are due for an awesome year. You may have been injured but you sure as hell still accomplished a lot!

  11. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Great goals! Once you have a solid base…sky is the limit. Taking some time off seems to help with physically and mentally!!! 🙂 I sometimes feel like I race too much and not get in the quality training so then my races are more "fun races".
    My goals: Finish strong at Ironman Canada and PR at NYC marathon.

  12. Run, Karla, Run says:

    Those are all great, smart goals. It's so easy to get burned out with running. But if you build a solid base, run regularly and challenge yourself with something new like trail running, I'm sure you'll have a great year. Look forward to seeing how your 2014 goes!
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