“Run Like a Mother. It’s Who We Are. It’s What We Do.”

Disclaimer: The Run Like a Mother race series provided me with the t-shirt and tote bag as well as an additional shirt and tote bag for the giveaway. I was not provided with additional compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Run Like a Mother

Two weeks after the birth of my daughter, my husband deployed to Iraq.  Bogged down by the overwhelming task of being a first time mom and without my right hand man, I trudged back to work at 8 weeks post partum.  Despite having plenty of social interaction at work and family and friends checking on me, I still wasn’t my self.  I attributed some of “that feeling” to being a new mom, some of it to my husband being deployed, and some of it to not having regular time for myself.  I decided that in order to make myself happy, I wanted to find a new hobby.  But, when I thought about all of the things that I enjoyed in my past, I always came back to my old hobby, running.   With that, I decided to lace up my running shoes again and signed up for a 10k race.

To kick off my post partum running, I started off at the on-post gym since I could go there immediately after work.  I remember being embarrassed of how I looked and how slow I felt on the treadmill in comparison to the others around me.  Now that seems silly, but at the time, I was really ashamed of my new “mom body”.  So, I stopped running inside and started going on runs outside, with Cora in her stroller. Outside, I didn’t feel judged.  I could embrace being a new mom and it felt “easier” to be slow if I had a jogging stroller in front of me.  But with time, I got into a regular routine and really embraced being a mother runner.

Runs Like a MotherTo see organizations like the Run Like a Mother race series providing support to women, especially moms, it makes me smile.  I understand the struggles of being a new mom and the sometimes overwhelming reality of our new post partum lives.  Running helped me recreate boundaries around the concept of self care.  And, most importantly, running helped me no longer hate my body by helping me appreciate my new found strength and mental determination.

The quote from the founder of the Run Like a Mother organization, Megan Searfoss, “Run Like a mother.  It’s who we are.  It’s what we do,” really strikes a chord with me.  Since the birth of my daughter, running is simply a part of me.  It’s something I love sharing with others and it is so enjoyable for me to turn people on to the sport.  And, the community of a women’s race, like the Run Like a Mother series, is a great way to start YOUR running story.

Similar to my story, Megan Searfoss started her national 5K race series to allow women of all levels and abilities to experience the gift of running as a means to finding balance in their lives.  The organization also provides training programs for all levels and practical tips for Run Like a Mother registrants.  Today, these Mother’s Day 5k events are located in Davis, CA, Frisco, TX, Hinsdale, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Portland, OR, Raleigh, NC, Ridgefield, CT, and Seattle, WA.  And, until Run Like a Mother is in your neighborhood, there is now a virtual option for those of you that can’t attend in person can run too!  They make it very easy for you to grab a buddy and sign up.  Pus, in my opinion, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  If you want running to become a way of life, register today!

And, thanks to Run Like a Mother, you can enter to win a Run Like a Mother t-shirt and tote bag to kick off your spring training!Run Like a Mother

Run Like a Mother

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Run Like a Mother

Tell me, are you planning on running this Mother’s Day?  What’s the mantra that gets you moving?  And, I would love to hear your mother runner stories too 🙂


Disclaimer: The Run Like a Mother race series provided me with the t-shirt and tote bag as well as an additional shirt and tote bag for the giveaway. I was not provided with additional compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. I started running after the birth of my twins (had a 15 month old at home too). I need some time alone during the day and a way to make myself feel like a person again. Haven't looked back since and LOVE running now!!
    My recent post MIA… stomach flu and pink eye YEAH!!!!

  2. Healthy Strides says:

    I like to run on myself on Mother's Day. Is that weird?

    I am not sure if I have a running motto but I do know that the sport saved me from post partum depression. I had to be put on meds in the early days but once I could log the miles, I could quit.

    • Thanks for sharing. I hate that often times we don't hear about the difficult side of pregnancy/post pregnancy life. I think that running helped me from getting to that dark place after having Cora. And, no it's not weird to want to run alone on Mother's Day, especially when you can barely find time to pee by yourself!

  3. I’m sure I will run on Mother’s Day but probably just by myself and not in a race. My running motto is the bible verse: let us run the race with endurance that God has set before us.

  4. I my house, my motto is, "run away mom" there is nothing better than going for a quick run to release any anxiety or frustration that comes with being a mother of three small children- it truly makes me a better parent.
    My recent post How St. Patrick Can Inspire you to be a Better Runner

    • People always ask why I do something that takes time away from Cora…. It's because it really makes me a better person and parent. Without running I am a whole lot less balanced!

  5. It's not one I made up, but I love the quote "I want to inspire people. I want someone to say because of you I refused to quit!"
    I wish I had thought to run when my daughter was little.

  6. trish trubl says:

    "I run, so I can be free" Running has changed my life. It keeps me sane, motivated, and healthy.

  7. I'm late to the running party starting at 57 years young, but you already knew that! My favorite running mantra is "Feeling Strong and Looking Gorgeous" courtesy of my running coach and Christine!
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  8. hannahviolin says:

    I'm not a mother, but I support the cause as a runner 🙂

  9. "Mother Runner" has taken on a whole new meaning for me. My daughter is now going on 13 and sometimes I worry about still connecting and keeping the communication with her open. Over the last year, my daughter has become an accomplished middle school runner. We run together and have raced three 5ks together. It's rewarding to have running as a bond between us. Ironically, my return to running happened as a way for me to find "me" again and overcome the sadness of not having a second child. Running helps me define my past, present and future. I realized that, it is not the number of children that makes you a mother, but how you "mother" the ones you with which you are blessed. Running brought me peace and clarity. This Mother's Day weekend I'm running the Big Lake Half Marathon in New Hampshire.
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  10. wdickson210 says:

    My motto is, "Run! It will allow you to face the thing called life." I love running and coincidentally my kids are my biggest fans. They continue to scream out motivational words, like to attend some of the run events, and always let me know how proud they are of me. I never really considered myself a "Mother Runner" until reading your post.

  11. Running is my therapy! Seriously, it clears my head like nothing else.

  12. I run during my lunch break at work, and it totally recenters me. It is my time–away from my job, away from the kids, away from everything… just me and my music outside. Plus it is something to be proud of that is not tied up with my job and kids. I am nowhere near fast, but I see improvement all the time and that keeps a smile on my face.

  13. Lisa Jones says:

    My motto is "Mommy needs to go for a run!" helps me escape the crazy for a little while! 🙂

  14. My moto is "Inhale Confidence, Exhale Fear"
    My recent post How to Make Time for a Healthy Lifestyle

  15. It's not one I made up, but I love the quote "I want to inspire people. I want someone to say because of you I refused to quit!"
    I wish I had thought to run when my daughter was little.
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