Race Recap: 2014 West Point 5k

Last weekend, I made a last-minute decision to run the West Point 5k.  Despite having this race on my calendar for a few months, I procrastinated on signing up for the event.  There were a few reasons for my lack of enthusiasm:

1.)  West Point is definitely the hilliest place I have lived and while training on hills makes me faster for those flat races, those hills aren’t so helpful during a race.  I knew it would be really difficult for me to churn out a PR since…

2.)  My current fitness is no where close to where it was when I ran my current 5k PR (22:41) last fall.  I’m not saying that every race has to be a PR…. But, this leads me to my final reason.

3.) To be perfectly honest, aside from being a military spouse, I also work on West Point.  I did not want any of my colleagues or my husband’s colleagues watching me suck wind.  Talk about a winning attitude right?

So, the morning of the race, I wasn’t in a great mood as I waited in a long line for race day registration.  Once I was signed up and had my old school ankle timing chip on, I warmed up for a few minutes, hit the bathroom and made it to the starting line just in time for the national anthem.

Mile 1:  Too Fast.  Yea, so rookie mistake.  I went out too fast.  I realized this at after a quarter-mile, reigned it in and settled down as we ran along Thayer Road towards the main academic buildings.  This part is pretty flat with a slight incline right near Thayer Hall. I knew I was pretty close to the front of the pack and there was only a younger girl in front of me.  The course wasn’t exactly clearly marked and I thought that we were supposed to be running in our lane of traffic.  The runners ahead of me were hugging the opposite lane of traffic, hey, it was shorter.  It would have been nice to know what we “rules” were here.  I know it’s a small, local 5k, but the roads were open to traffic so I was a bit worried about someone getting run over.

Mile 2:  The Hill.  I lost the signal on my Garmin right around Mile 1. I’m not gonna lie, that annoyed me. But, it was kind of nice not knowing how slow I was crawling up the hill.  After a mile and  half of flat, you do up and you go up fast.  Stoney Lonesome is notorious for being a ball busting hill.  And, it did not disappoint on Saturday.  A few guys passed me and I could see the first place female at the top of the hill.  I was mentally arguing with myself as to whether or not it was acceptable to walk.  At that point I knew I wouldn’t catch her but I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided that I could maintain my current place as long as I could run the downhill well.

Mile 3:  The downhill.  Once I got my legs under me again by Lusk Reservoir and Michie Stadium, I started to crush the downhill into the finish.  I caught up to all of the runners that passed me on the hill and gassed it as much as I could into across the line.  I was really hoping to make it under 25 minutes but that just didn’t happen.


14th Overall
2nd Female
Time:  25:04

All in all, despite my attitude prior to the race, I am happy with my run on this course.  My “good” test run on this route 2 weeks prior was in 28 minutes.  And, that first place female was 9 years old, so there is that too 😉


West Point 5kOther than that, I need to kick my training into gear as I head into the summer months and prep for my next marathon!  It’s nice to get a kick in the pants to work harder every now and then.  In the meantime, I have a couple of weeks left before ZOOMA Annapolis.  I honestly can’t believe it is so soon!  I feel like I just found out that I was an ambassador for the race series.  So, if you haven’t signed up and you still have an itch to run the 10k or half, do it!  I would love to meet up at the Mocktail party on Friday and meet some new face as well as see some of the oldie but goodies!  Sign up using ANNAMB16 for 10% off either race.  Come on…. What are you waiting for?!

Have you ever had a race that lights a bit of a fire for you to improve?  What’s next up on your race schedule?



  1. suzy399 says:

    Wow great job! And as far as I'm concerned you can't even count a 9 year old! You are a BAMR!

  2. I was just looking through the ambassador page on the Zooma race website and clicked on your blog and noticed the last race you ran was the WP 5K. I moved from WP last year and ran the 5K right before I moved (had a rough race. 😉 Anyway–we moved to Fort Meade area and I also ran the Zooma half on Saturday. Cant wait to read your thoughts on the race. I went out too hard and totally crashed. It was a rough one and the hills were tough!

    • Sarah,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. What a small world?! It's funny because we were in MD before coming up here to West Point. I thought I would be much better prepared for the half considering all the hills around here but I still had a hard time! The course is definitely really challenging!


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