Friday Five: NYCM Marathon Training

It’s Friday again so that means it’s time to link up with the DC Trifecta, Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for their Friday Five link up!

1.)  This week I took some time away from the blog.  Dealing with the loss of a loved one has been incredibly overwhelming and left me wanting to spending more time with my family and less time on the interwebs.  And, I am thankful to having running as a crutch during times like this.

2.)  As  we head into the summer months, folks running fall marathons are beginning to settle into their training plans and plot out their next few months of training.  I finally decided 100% that I will be running the New York City Marathon.  So, with a November 2, 2014 race date, I am just starting my base training.


3.)  For this training cycle, I have am using the Runner’s World Smart Coach plan.  I used this plan for MCM last year and I hope that if I actually stick to it this year, I will have some solid results.  One of the reasons I decided to pay for this service again is because you can mold it as you go – you miss a workout and the plan can be adjusted, you feel as though the paces are too easy or too difficult, you can go in and modify the plan for those reasons too.  Last year, I only completed one of the prescribed 20-milers and for me, that wasn’t enough.  So, this year, I really, really, really want to nail my training cycle so that I can leave it all out there come November.

4.)  And, with marathon training, I am trying to pick and choose a few races to compliment my schedule.  Right now, I supposed to run Beach to Beacon in Maine on August 2, 2014.  But, due to some conflicts with work, this might not happen.  I loved this race last year and I would be incredibly disappointed to not be able to run.  In September, I plan to run the the Gulf Beach Half Marathon.  I scored my half marathon PR there last year and I would be lying if I said I would not be trying to beat that time this year.  And, then there is Ragnar Napa Valley.  Team Tough Chik is back at it again and I am scheming a way to fit this into the schedule.  Please cross your fingers and toes that my work schedule, hubby’s work schedule and the flight details can merge together into a sweet race/family getaway to Napa!

5.)  With marathon training comes the need for ALL the RUNNING SHOES!  Right now, I typically run in Brooks Connects.  They have been my go to running shoe since Brooks developed the Pure Project line. BUT, recently, I am really digging the wider toe box of Altras, thanks to this possible bunion {my internet diagnosis leads me to believe it’s a Tailor’s Bunion since it is near the pinky toe}.  So, next up is to go to the doctor and see what the heck is up with my foot and make sure my feet stay happy for marathon training!


And, in keeping with thhe spirit of this post, here is a fun marathon infographic!  I only wish they included the number of cupcakes per mile 🙂
How Long is a Marathon?

Tell me, how is your fall race calendar shaping up and what races are you running?  Who else is buckling down and getting into marathon training?



  1. So sorry for your loss Lisa. Wow, you have quite the ambitious race calendar! I am not certain I can run MCM due to Tower of Terror in October, but more to the point, the Rock n Roll Dublin in early August. We will be gone for three weeks so I will not be running much after the race which is on day 3!

    • Yes, I know…. For not having anything on the calendar for a while, things certainly got busy. I am debating removing the half marathon BUT it's such a great PR course it is hard to say no! Wellllll, if you are out for MCM this year, I will be there next year! And, I bet we can convince Christine to run too 😉

  2. Courtney says:

    love that infographic and yay NYCM! i'm sorry about your loss and will be thinking about you, lisa!
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  3. I bet the number of cupcakes is similar to the number of doughnuts…one every five miles. 🙁 that is a very sad stat! I am sorry for your loss. You are fortunate to have family and running to help you through your difficult times. We will be praying for you. Best of luck training for the marathon. It looks amazing!! I can't wait to read about your experience.

    • Thank you so much Alison. Sometimes life events put things in perspective in a good way. It makes me more thankful for everyone I have in my life. It's a silver lining I suppose.

      And, thank you for the well wish on marathon training. I will be sure to post about it!

  4. Cynthia @YouSignedUp says:

    I'm intrigued by that training plan – will check it out!
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  5. Oh, so sorry for your loss my dear… ((((hugs)))) to you!! I'm excited you settled on a plan. Looking forward to hearing all about it!!
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  6. Ohhhh take me to Napa!! I’ll try to harass you and make sure you stick with planning. Maybe I will be able to get the weekend off from work and cheer you on in NYC!

  7. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    I am sorry about your loss!!! Hope you are doing ok! Super excited to see you in NYC!!!

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