Friday Five: Life Lately

I swear this blog is still alive. I tell you… I’m trying to get my act in gear when it comes to blogging regularly again. So, this week, I decided to link up with fellow ZOOMA race ambassadors, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for their DC Trifecta Friday Five link up and tell you a little bit about my life lately!

1.)    Next week will be race recap catch up on Lisa Runs for Cupcakes. Recently, life is very good and I’m not that upset to say that I am enjoying living life instead of blogging about it. BUT, I do have some amazing races and experiences that I want to catch you all up on! So expect a lot of posts and a lot of pictures for my race recap bonanza! I’m so over due on race recaps that you will finally see posts on my Glass Slipper Challenge, Ragnar SoCal, and ZOOMA Annapolis! See, I told you I was behind 😉

2.)    So, what have I been up to that has kept me away from this lovely slice of the internet?

  • My wedding anniversary
  • A lovely trip to Maine
  • Graduation week at West Point
  • Another fabulous trip to Annapolis
  • Quite a few races
  • And, a cupcake festival… Yes, everyone needs to experience a cupcake festival!

Cupcake Festival

3.)    I need a plan for my fall marathon. Oh, and along with that, I need to pick which marathon I want to run. I am still on the fence but am about 90% sure that my fall goal race will be NYCM. I’m reading a few books, Run Less Run Faster and the Hanson Method. Both, completely different ways of training and I think it is just confusing me further. Basically, I just need to pick some sort of plan and stick with it, right?

4.)    At my job, we are going to begin testing out a compressed work schedule. Basically we will work longer days in order to have every other Friday off. I’m definitely on board with this idea! I want to use those Fridays for my long runs and/or plan fun days with Cora! Hopefully it works out well for me and all my co-workers because if the trial goes well, it can become permanent!

5.)    I’m really excited to just have a nice quiet weekend at home. I’m sure Cora will make a few requests like head to the park, the beach, go for bike rides, or head to grandma’s house but it will be really nice to stay put and not have serious travel or events on the agenda for the weekend.

Here’s to relaxing this weekend! What’s on your weekend calendar?

Anyone have suggestions on marathon training plans?



  1. Hey!! So, I'm excited to hear more about your marathon training and the book you are reading! As you know, I plan on running my first marathon on October 5th, 2014 in Maine:) Lately, for me, it has been all about "teacher paper work", end of year school stuff. I will be googling and researching marathon training plans this weekend! Happy Weekend Lisa!
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    • lisarunsforcupcakes says:

      Keep me posted on what plan you decide to use! I always like hearing what others are using and what works for them! I'm so excited for you and training for your first marathon!

  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Sounds like your life has been great lately!! Can't wait to hear more about your races!
    NYC!! NYC!!! Not sure what plan you should use. I like the run less run harder but I know nothing about the Hanson Method! Good luck!

  3. Okay so I am confused. I thought you were running MCM? Sounds like you have been really enjoying life with lots of fun activities. I'm looking forward to reading your race recaps next week. Taking a break from blogging is a good thing…nothing to apologize for!

    • I got into both races. Since Jake is active duty and has recently mentioned he wants to run a marathon, I'm going to defer MCM so that he can enter next year. With early registration for active duty, there is a good shot that he can get in. I ended up having way more luck with lotteries than I anticipated.

  4. The compressed work week sounds lovely. 3 day weekends rock. Good for you for signing up for another marathon! I'm still on the fence about how I feel about doubling the half 🙂
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  5. yay, thanks for linking up with us 🙂 glad I got to see you the other week and hope you have a lovely quiet weekend at home!!
    My recent post Friday Five: Hello Summer!

  6. Courtney says:

    i would 100% work longer days in exchange for having every other friday off! that's awesome – i hope the schedule works out for you. can't wait to read all your race recaps 🙂
    My recent post Friday Five: This Summer I Will _______

    • Thanks Courtney! Thinking of converting my Fridays to my long run days so that I can max out family time on the weekends. We will see how it all plays out!

  7. Quiet weekends are nice.

    I'm still looking for my fall race, but mine will be a half at most, not a full like you.

    • Agreed! So often our weekends are jammed packed. It was really nice to just hang around the house, catch up on odds and ends and relax! Hope you had a great weekend.

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