Race Recap: Stamford Boys and Girls Club Corporate 5k

A few weeks ago, my cousin reminded me that the Stamford Boys and Girls Club Corporate 5k was happening.  The last time I ran this race was ten years ago when I was just getting home for summer break from college.  Honestly, I barely trained for this 5k back in the day and it is nice to be able to look back (thanks to Athlinks!) and see that I run faster now than I did back then!   I signed up the day before the run because I knew that I had plenty of time after work to make my way to Stamford for the 7:00pm start.

On May 22, 2014, the morning of the race, the forcast did not look so hot.  As I drove to CT from NY, the skies looked even worse.  No matter what the weather, at that point, I was committed to the race since I made the hour drive to CT.  We picked up our packets and received our race shirts.  I didn’t want to wear my race shirt and decided to go back to the car.  My cousin could have killed me because sure enough, on our walk back to the start, it started pouring.  I’m not talking drizzle, I’m talking downpour and soaked feet.  At this point, when we got back to the starting area, everyone had made there way into a few of the office building areas.  We went inside and dried off as best we could before the race but I couldn’t do anything about the soggy socks and sneakers.

THANKFULLY, the skies clear with about ten minutes to spare.  So with squishy steps, we made our way to the starting area.  The starting line for the event was horribly congested.  No one could hear the instructions about where walkers versus runners should line up.  It was chaos.  I do not like chaos before the start of a race.  It messes with my running mojo. Plus, the roadway at the start was very narrow so when the race started, it felt as though we were not moving anywhere.  At least within a quarter mile, the crowds thinned out enough to hit a bit of a groove.  At this point, I also set my sights on a runner that looked very comfortable and decided to settle in behind him.

Mile 1 –  7:36

When the first mile beeped on my Garmin, I felt comfortably uncomfortable. We made a lot of turns on this course.  With each turn, I felt like there were more and more people falling back.  Hooray! For once I felt good and did not go out too fast.  I felt really comfortable in this mile and tried to maintain my breathing, not fuss over the turns, and keep my sights on my unknowing pace bunny.

Mile 2 – 7:31

The final mile certainly felt like the final mile.  I wanted the race to be over.  There were areas where you could see the other runners that were ahead of you and this completely messed with my mental game.  I started to lose my pace bunny at about the two and half mile mark but I pushed myself to catch up back up to him and get myself together enough to make a final push.

Mile 3 – 7:38

.1 to the finish – 7:07

The push to the finish was on a boardwalk.  It was really slick compared to the pavement and I was so worried about wiping out!  Thankfully, it was over before I could even really worry about it.

Final Time:  23:41/ 7:38


Considering that I ran a 5k over a minute slower the week prior (West Point 5k), I was so, so happy with this result.  And, I was especially surprised since this is not my “normal” running time.  To top it off, my time was not far off from my 5k PR that I set last fall and my splits were pretty darn consistent.  But, that means I have a bit of work to do this summer as I head into marathon training!

Have you ever pleasantly surprised yourself in a race?  Anyone a fan of night racing?



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