NYC Marathon Training Week 7 & 8

Honestly, at this point, I feel silly even titling these blog posts NYC Marathon training.  Just when I started feeling good again, something else happened in Week #7…. Sigh…

Week #7.  August 4 – 10

IMG_7066Monday:   3.18 Miles (Easy) – 31:45/9:59 – It felt really good to get the blood flowing after Beach to Beacon.  This loop from my office around West Point’s campus provides a couple nice climbs.  I’m trying to make more of an effort to bring my runs outside to get those hills in during training.

Tuesday: Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Wednesday: 3.18 Miles (Easy) – 30:00/9:26 – The same loop as Monday felt a bit easier today.  I’m still laying off any tempo or speed work since I don’t want to jinx the foot feeling back to normal.


Thursday: 2.25 Miles (Easy) –  21:23/9:30  A quick run followed by a really nice stretching session at Trophy Point.


Friday: Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Saturday: 6 Miles (Long Run) – 58:55/9:49 –  Yea, so it’s crazy disappointing that my long runs are 6 miles right now but it is what it is.  I was shooting for around a 9:45 pace so I will take it since there were a lot of rolling hills along this route.


Sunday: Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Week #8.  August 11 – 17

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  Rest

Wednesday: 3.7 Miles (Easy) – 34:30/9:18 – West Point cadets are back to school.  That means operation chase cadets is in full effect.  It’s a good way for me to stay entertained on the run and pick up the pace a little bit.  While on the run, I ended up meeting a cadet that knew my husband!  She talked about how she was starting training for Marine Corps Marathon.  That made me feel a little bit better about my training or lack thereof… until I remembered that I have ten years on her and probably need that extra training time! ha

Thursday: 3 Miles (Progression) – 27:05/9:02 – I felt really good and the miles felt easy for a change.

Friday: 6 Miles (Easy) – 01:00:55/10:10  – This is the run that ended with a new calf issue.  I intended to go out for 8 and make it my long run since I had the day off work.  I felt really off during the run and decided to cut it to 6 miles.  Honestly, I think that this run was a really stupid idea since I went for runs on both Wednesday and Thursday.  I was trying to make the most of my day off but this really set me back on the progress I was making again.  I’m upset and mad at myself for trying to push it because I had the time to run.  Within a few hours my calf completely seized up and I could barely walk.  It’s so incredibly frustrating!!!  I feel like I was finally on the upswing again and then another issue pops up.  Today is now Tuesday and I still haven’t tested the waters since that run on Friday. It’s been a lot of icing, rolling, stretching around here.  I’m hoping to try running tonight since Cora is unexpectedly home from daycare with pink eye.  We will see if that actually happens or not!

Plus, with a little over four weeks until Ragnar, I am really starting to freak out about that too.  Not running NYCM is quickly becoming a reality but not running Ragnar would be really upsetting.  I can’t even think about letting my team down.  Here’s to hoping the next few weeks see some serious improvement!

Any tips on getting out of a major running rut? Help!



  1. Beautiful pictures – hope your calves are feeling better!
    My recent post PRR Leesburg 20K Race Recap

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry you're going through all these issues. It's so disappointed when you are training for something. Sending positive vibes to you!

  3. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? I thought it was silly when it was suggested for me for my calf issue but he literally fixed my injury. It may be worth a shot. I'm sorry you are dealing with this! I was struggling with this at Zooma and was freaking about missing Ragnar too! Hang in there!
    My recent post Wonder Mom Wedesday Link up: Back to School

    • I haven't thought about that. I might try and see if there are any around here. We are low on providers of any sort here at West Point. Good to know that it worked for you though!

  4. So sorry you are dealing with running issues. Taking a break usually works well for me, but it sounds like you do not have time for that. Just try to be healthy so you can enjoy Ragnar.

  5. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Have you had a massage? You sound like you are doing everything right. Maybe just taking some time off of running is what you need. 🙁 Totally sucks especially if that means you won't be in NY!!

  6. Ahh sorry things have been tough lately! I'm in a rut, too :-/ If you find any good motivators let me know! Hopefully we'll snap out of it soon!!
    My recent post Friday 5: A Happy Week

  7. Run Jilly Bean says:

    Lisa – I was going through the same thing a few weeks ago. I pulled my soleus chasing my neighbors 2 year old around the yard. I couldn't even ride the bike. I did what strength training I could do, wrapped my leg for compression, iced, stretched, blah, blah, blah. But most important, I didn't run. A week later, all was good. Sometimes I think we get all caught up in that we can't not run, so we begin to freak out. Or at least I do. I'm slowly learning to listen to my body more and my brain less.

    I'm also seeing a corrective movement specialist (basically a personal trainer who uses the FMS plan). I spent 4 weeks doing silly exercises on a mat because she found all my core weaknesses and tightness. We are now moving into a full strength plan (doable while marathon training), it's hard work but I've not felt this good in a while. I hope you can find some relief and get out of your rut because we are all cheering you on. One mother runner to another. 🙂

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