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Disclosure: As a member of the Fit Approach community, I received one pair of black PRO Compression marathon socks in exchange for review.  All thoughts and opinions regarding PRO Compression are my own.

Lisa Pokorny

Does it seem like I focus on a lot of compression products?  Well, yes… yes, I do!  And, I like to think that I focus on compression products for good reason.  I find that compression is one of the key pieces of recovery and keeping me in one piece.  Right now, with a couple of nagging foot issues here and there, I am using more and more compression to help speed up the recovery process and to prevent any real injuries from heading my way.  One of my go to sources of compression are my PRO Compression calf sleeves and marathon socks.

I was first introduced to PRO Compression when my Nuun Hydration Hood to Coast teammates decided that we should purchase the sock of the month, these really awesome neon yellow and pink stripped marathon socks.  Since we were representing Team Lemonade, they were perfect.

And, aside from being a great looking sock, compression was key to aiding recovery during a relay event.  The marathon socks provide a true graduated compression that allows for benefits such as improved blood flow.  PRO Compression is designed to promote circulation and help reduce swelling and inflammation while providing support to your muscles and tendons.

Now that I am facing some minor foot issues, the PRO Compression marathon socks are coming in quite handy!  They have plenty of arch support with just the right amount of compression.  But, the great part is that the socks still have a wide toe box.  Not only are these socks great while on the run, but I often wear them after long or tough workouts.  And, much to my husband’s dismay, I even wear them to bed!

PRO COMPRESSION 2If you are on the fence about trying PRO Compression, use the discount code ‘PINK’ for 40% off your entire PRO Compression online purchase.  This is a great way to test out your preference for sleeves versus socks, or stock up on some additional colors!  Feel free to share the discount with your friends!


So, tell me, are you a fan of compression?  Do you prefer compression calf sleeves or compression socks?


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Disclosure: As a member of the Fit Approach community, I received one pair of PRO Compression socks in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions regarding PRO Compression are my own.


  1. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    That is so funny that you didn't wear them before we all got the yellow and pink ones for HTC!!! I mainly wear the socks! Huge fan of compression. Does it really work? Who knows but I like the feel!! 🙂

    • I swear by them. I always wore calf sleeves before HTC and now I like the socks. Although, I still need the sleeves for those summer months when I want compression with my flip flops.

  2. organicsandra says:

    Love the socks! Compression socks are my favorite because not only do they serve a purpose but they are cute too!
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  3. Run, Karla, Run says:

    I have a few pairs of compression sleeves and compression socks from a few different brands. Love them! I tend to prefer socks, but unlike you I prefer a narrow toe band. When it's too wide for me, the edges roll under and cause blisters. Which is where the sleeves are great, because I can wear socks I KNOW work for me.
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    • Yes, if you are a certain way with your socks, then calf sleeves are the way to go! And, you can't forget that they are perfect for the summer when you want compression with while wearing your flip flops!

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