Race Recap: 2014 Norwalk, CT – 9/11 Heroes Run 5k

We started participating in the 9/11 Heroes Run 5k back when we lived in Maryland. Now, there is a race in our hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut! This was my second year taking place in the CT event. Going in to the race, I was not optimistic that I would run as well as I did the year prior. Last year, the weather was pretty cool; I ran well and came in second {Recap here!}.

911 Heroes Run 2014 Flag

This year, it was incredibly hot and humid for the 9/11 Heroes Run 5k. This is a hilly little race so my goal was to run the whole thing and finish strong. Within the first mile, I was hurting. I knew my fitness was not where it was the year before.  I tried my best to get out of my head and squash my burning desire to quit.  Instead, I focused on maintaining my place among the women runners. I was the third woman for the first mile. During the second mile, I fell back to fourth. At that point, I knew I wanted to try to stay near her and see if I could use this runner to push myself through the hot, humid weather. I think that worked and kept me distracted. I slowly caught up to the third female, moved passed her and pressed on. I slowed my pace on the hills but I kept moving. At this point in the race, you could tell that the heat was catching up to everyone. Many people were slowing and walking. I focused on keeping moving, even if I felt like I was barely making any progress. I knew that if I stopped, I would not get myself going again.

When I made my way into the Cranbury Park area, I could see Cora in the finish line. Since there weren’t any runners around me, she ran out to me, grabbed my hand and we crossed the finish line together. That made the whole race worthwhile.

911 Heroes Run 2014

25:11 /8:07 3rd Female Overall

911 Heroes Run Norwalk

Humidity always kicks me in the pants.  What’s your least favorite element to battle on race day?


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