NYC Marathon Training Week 9 & 10

NYC Marathon Training Week 9 and 10 are in the books and I’m a little delayed on posting my recap!  I can finally say that I am having a bit of an upswing in training!  I’m still not where I want/need to be with mileage but things are definitely improving.  Right now, I am still making sure I get plenty of rest between runs and not pushing the pace or mileage.  Overall, I am happy with my progress but I don’t want to jinx myself!  NYC is still up in the air and I think that I will make my decision about deferring after Ragnar Napa Valley.  Here’s a look at my last two weeks of training:

Week #9.  August 18 – 24

Monday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Tuesday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Wednesday:  3 Miles (Easy) – 27 :11/9:04

NYC Marathon Training

Thursday:  3 Miles (Easy) – 27:47/9:16

NYC Marathon Training

Friday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Saturday:  Hiking with the family!

Sunday:  10 Miles (Long Run) – 1:38:51/9:53 and hiking!  Honestly, I was really scared to go for this run.  I dreaded every moment before I headed out the door.  This was officially my first long run since ZOOMA Annapolis.  Yea, that was back in May.  I feel like this run helped me turn a corner and have a little bit of faith in my running again.  I didn’t have any pain on the run but it was pretty challenging to get the miles in and it definitely felt hard.  The pitch in the road on the way to West Point was bothering my left side so I decided to call Jake mid run and see if he could pick me up on campus.  He agreed and it was a lot of fun to have Cora there to help me run my very last mile!  I was such a happy camper to finally get back into the double digits!

Cora and Mom on the Track

Plus, later in the day, we decided to head back to the trails.  It was a lot of fun and I think that it helped flush some of the lactic acid from my tired legs!

Week #10.  August 25-31

Monday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Tuesday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Wednesday:  3.1 Miles (Easy) – 30:34/9:52 – I’m having a bit of tightness on one side of my body, running slowly helps but I decided to schedule a massage after I finished this sufferfest of a run.  Massage scheduled for Sunday after my long run!

Thursday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Friday:  7.0 Miles (Progression) – 1:05:06/9:18 – Having every other Friday off thanks to a condensed work schedule is awesome!  I decided to go for a run after dropping Cora off at school.  Too bad I was dragging through the first two miles of my run and had decided to quit and head back to my car.  But, as I was running down one of the hills on campus, I came across the Lady Knight Runners!  I haven’t had the opportunity to run with them in a while and honestly, it was just what I needed.  They were running 5 miles and I knew with their support, I wouldn’t quit.  And, in fact, this turned in to a beautiful progression run with a fast finish.  This was a reminder that I need to try to hit up their runs more often!

Skirt Sports Snake CharmerAffiliate Link: new Snake Charmer Capri!

Saturday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching

Sunday:  11.5 Miles (Long Run) – 1:57:26/10:13 and massage!  I left the house with the goal of running twelve but not allowing myself to quit unless I ran 10 miles.  I also wanted hills on this run.  I drove on to West Point since the sidewalks there are very even, compared to the pitch in the road, and make my left side less cranky.  All in all, this run was okay.  I conquered some hills and took it easy.  Let’s just say that my massage could not have come at a better time.  The massage was so painful but I hope that it helps balance me out a bit so that I can continue my training and get my game face on for Ragnar Napa Valley!

Have you ever been hesitate to re-enter training after injury?  What’s everyone else training for this fall?



  1. I am training for a 15K this fall in Arizona. I just wish it would cool off a bit as my log runs are getting longer! BTW- I have those pants and I love them! Have a great week!

  2. After being injured all fall last year I have been super-hesitant to start running any speed work. All year I have followed the motto “I’m just happy to be out here”, but then I ran with a fast friend last week… And I feel like it is time to test the speed waters again. It’s hard not to trust your body again, but I think one thing being injured teaches is is to listen to our bodies more, cross train, strength train and foam roll like crazy. Good luck at Ragnar – I did DC and Chicago this last year and loved it!

    • Ragnar is the best! I'm hoping I can keep my body in one piece until that race. I know a team is depending on me to get to the starting line healthy so that is the focus. You are so right about being hesistant to run speed work. I ran a 5k this weekend and that was the most speed work I have done in weeks. It was way harder and slower than I wanted but it still felt nice to get out there and get the legs turning over.

  3. Sometimes you need that one good week! I bet things are going to start looking up in a major way 🙂
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  4. I have been toying with the idea of buying those capris…..I'm assuming since you love them, the fit is amazing?!
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  5. juliewood3 says:

    I finally made the decision to move forward with running NYC. I decided I really do not care about my pace or if I have to walk part of it. The only reason I may not is if my PT tells me no (my piriformis locked which impacted my glute) and I developed a side effect to my cancer—bursitis in my tailbone which is impacting my glute. However my PT has me back out to running—slow pace, but it's running. Stay positive and simply enjoy the fun of the race, walk if you need to, take pictures along the route, talk with people and give thanks to God for being there and able to do it. That is how I am going to view it. Who knows what next year will bring me so if I get the clear to go—I'm there.

    • Thanks for bringing some perspective! You are absolutely right in that you never know what the next year will bring. I would love to keep up with your training and hope that you will be out there come November!

    • I would love to meet you at NYC!!! Here is my blog website. I hope you follow me and read up on journey.

      Good Luck and know God has a great plan in store.


  6. Congratulations on getting back to double digits! Glad to hear the runs are going better–although I am stealing the term “sufferfest of a run”. Sometimes you just have to get through those ones. I did a 5k this Saturday and was so disappointed in my time, but then reminded myself it was over 90 degrees with high humidity… At least it’s another one in the books! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you as NYC gets closer.

    • Thanks Tierney! I ran a 5k in Norwalk on Saturday and it felt like running in a sauna. The air was so thick and disgusting. Way to get out there! Just think, I'm sure we will be complaining about winter weather in a few months 😉

  7. training with an after an injury is so tough! Way to get after it girlie!
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  8. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Sounds like things are coming together better than they were! Being injured stinks. Coming back is hard too. You want to be cautious but you are nervous. You don't want to re-injury yourself. I get it. Take it easy. You will get back into the swing of things before you know it! 🙂

    • My body still feels a little wonky! I'm running a small local half marathon this weekend to make sure I get in my mileage. I'm hoping to take it easy and run a comfortable race. If I can do this, and then run Ragnar without too many issues, I will probably give NYCM the green light. Fingers crossed the next few weeks go well!

  9. so glad that you've had a couple of really solid long runs! they are only going to get better as the weather improves. i may try to make it out to NYC to spectate the marathon — i know it'd be super fun! 🙂
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