Review and Giveaway: Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

Disclaimer: I received an Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own.

Now that the cat is out of the bag {link here}, I plan to fill you in on a few recovery items that are coming in ever so handy!  Plus,  YOU will have the opportunity to win these fabulous recovery products too!  First up is the OMRON Pain Relief ProTM electroTHERAPY TENS unit.

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

The Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit is very easy to use.  Within a few minutes of having it out of the box, it was ready to go.  You simply have to pop the batteries in, attach the cord to the bottom of the unit and the pads.  I made sure to read the direction manual thoroughly even thought there was a quick start guide.  I wanted to make sure that the applications were accurate for the injuries I’m targeting.  Bonus:  I had an idea of where I wanted the applications thanks to a long discussion with my massage therapist about the benefits of using a TENS unit.  That sounds like the making of a future post, right?

Right now, my applications of choice are the two pictured below for the ankle/foot and sciatic.  This unit comes with a clever little application guide.  But, as I mentioned, if you want the full low down on the type of pulses that will be applied, you will want to read the full direction manual.

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

Below are images of the foot/ankle application.  I will spare you the sciatic application photos!  It’s bad enough having pictures of feet on my blog.  Once you have the pads in place, you will need to press ON using the remote.  From there, select any of the eight modes.  After that, press the up and down arrows to select your intensity levels (1-10).  The remote shows the intensity level on the left and the number of minutes left in your session on the right hand side.

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit

I really like that the Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit is versatile since it has:

  • 10 Powerful levels of intensity allow you to customize your therapy
  • 3 Massage modes: Tap, Knead and Rub
  • 5 Pain modes: Arm, Lower Back, Leg, Foot and Joint

It is easy to use and is a way to maintain my pain levels without using painkillers.  It’s another tool to keep in your running recovery toolkit!

Now, thanks to Omron, you have the chance to win one of your own!

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter widget to enter!
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Be sure to tell me:

  • How would you use your Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit?
  • Which application is speaking to you {Applicate guide here and here}?
  • What are your best tips or tricks for recovery?

Plus, stay tuned for another recovery giveaway coming up this week!


Disclaimer: I received an Omron Pain Relief Pro electroTHERAPY TENS unit in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I would use this on my lower back and Mary's! She can't even go for a walk without experiencing (and complaining) about severe upper back pain. This would probably be great for my silly hip that flares up every now and then. Plus, zapping sounds fun!

  2. fitfoodiemama says:

    My butt and left leg could use this right about now!!!

  3. Oh man- my feet! This is awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  4. oooh, my knee is feeling a little wonky after Saturday's long run. Would love to try this out!
    My recent post MCM Training: Lucky Number 13

  5. I definitely need this for my knee right now!

  6. I would use this for sciatic pain as I'm having issues with my Pirformis muscle and haven't been able to run more than a few miles. Fingers crossed!

  7. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    I would use it on my lower back today. Sometimes on my right hammy! Depends on the day! 🙂

  8. amanda whitley says:

    i could really use this for my lower back. i have a bad mattress which is causing back pain and no money to buy a new mattress so this would hopefully be a temporary solution.

  9. I would use this for my back pain. The large application is speaking to me. I would say to use a lot of ice and exercise to whatever level you can.

  10. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would use this for back pain. I use a heating pad for some relief.

  11. i have lower back pain that can be so extreme I can barely move.. would love this machine to help ease the pain

  12. Danielle Malaise says:

    i would use it to recover from long runs.

  13. Kelly Faber says:

    I would use this for calf pain after my runs! My legs get quite sore! This would be great! Thank you!

  14. Justin Faber says:

    My feet would benefit from this the most. I'm on them all day during the week and I do my long runs on the weekends so they're always in need of some relief.

  15. My feet and knees could use this!!!

  16. oh my goodness I could use this for my bum hip right now! i need something to get this muscle back in action for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in less than a month!
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  17. Probably on my lower back

  18. On my lower back!
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  19. I'd use the food application. I've training for my first marathon in Spring 2015 and I already have some foot issues. I'm doing lots of foot strengthening exercises in my spare time!

  20. This would be amazing to use on my ankle right now as I’m having issues with it! I also get some shin splints occasionally. Geez, I could use this for a million different places! Looks amazing!
    Lori recently posted…Dove Awards 2014My Profile

  21. Rest. That's the hardest part too!!!!
    I need this….. My back has been angry. It would LOVE this!
    My recent post Long Run Necessities

  22. I would use it on my back where I had an injury over 1 1/2 years ago and P/T has not worked. This would be so awesome.

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