Friday Five: Indoor Fitness Routines

This week, I’m linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for this week’s Friday Five to share my indoor fitness routines.

indoor fitness routines

Running:  I hate the treadmill but I love running.  Thanks to the ice and terrible winter weather we are having here in NY, I am using the treadmill more than I have in the past.  While it isn’t my favorite option, I am thankful that I have easy access to a treadmill.  A run on a treadmill is better than no run at all!

Treadmill and Hokas

Stretching & PT Exercises:  Stretching and doing my prescribed exercises gets on my nerves.  I have a super hard time following a plan of any sort.  I am certainly trying to get better at it but I am still a work in progress.  Although, it is very nice to have a list of strengthening exercises that will target my piriformis and surrounding weaknesses.  Now, if I could just consistently do them!

Rolling:  I consider this to be an essential part of my fitness routine these days.  Since getting injured last fall, I roll regularly thanks to my lovely range of torture devices.  From my foam roller to my Tiger Tail and from my R8 to my Evofit ensō Roller, they all have a roll role in my recovery.  Trust me, you can never have too many options!  {I think this might be the making of a post all of its own!}

Evofit Enso Roller

Recovery +Nuun

Massage:  I’m clearly all about taking care of myself these days and massage is one of the magical tools that I use to keep me moving.  Honestly, I think my massage therapist knows more about my body and issues than my doctors.  He is pretty amazing and has helped me understand my weaknesses as a runner.  I was going every two weeks after I had some issues in the fall.  Now that I am finally at a point where I am comfortable running a few times a week again, I need to schedule an appointment and get back into a regular routine.

Yoga:  Since the summer, I am incorporating a little more yoga into my life and I like it.  I still consider myself a complete beginner but I love how it makes me feel more centered.  Plus, it is the perfect partner to running!  This month, I am stepping up my yoga game by joining the Take the Leap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge in partnership with prAna and FitApproach.  My goal is to incorporate at least 5 minutes of yoga into my daily routine and I challenge YOU to do the same!

prAna yoga challenge

Want to play along?  I know you could use a little indoor fitness to push you through until spring!  Be sure to join the Instagram fun by following @lisarunsforcupcakes, @fitapproach, & @prana.  From February 2 through March 8 use the hashtags #TakeTheLeap, #prana, and #sweatpink to share your journey!  And, if Instagram isn’t your thing, you can participate on any social media outlet of your choosing… just use those hashtags. Plus, one lucky participant will receive $500.00 in prAna gear + $500.00 in prAna gear for their best friend!  I will be posting more details about the challenge on Monday so stay tuned!  And, no worries, beginners are certainly welcome and there are even advanced yogis available to help us newbies!

So, as you can tell, my main goal in life is to get back to my running happy place.  And, all of my other indoor activities revolve around recovery and getting me up and running {quite literally}!  So, what are your favorite indoor activities?  Do you use any of the same recovery techniques as me?  Let me know if you want to join the yoga challenge!  I’ll be sure to keep pestering motivating you if you are willing to #taketheleap!



  1. Haha, love your pun! I need to be better about using my torture devices 🙂
    My recent post Friday 5: Things I'm Loving!

    • You better get to it! LOL Seriously though, I have them all next to my bed… people might begin to wonder about me. I guess it is a good thing I don't have too many folks over and in my bedroom!

  2. ah that r8 roller — i've tried a friend's before and it's AWESOME. i really need to invest 🙂
    My recent post Five Exercise Full Body Circuit

  3. bwahaha, love the 2 strikethroughs 🙂 you're gonna have to "remind" me about the yoga challenge!
    My recent post Friday Five: Favorite Indoor Workouts

  4. I do foam roll but have never tried that R8. I hear it’s kind of pricey but I’m sure it really gets the kinks out.
    Lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Ditch the Treadmill for 5 other pieces of inexpensive workout equipmentMy Profile

  5. Great puns and strikethrough!! I've been meaning to set up an appointment for a massage, but keep on forgetting. This is a good reminder.
    My recent post Friday Five – Favorite Indoor Workout (CPY)

  6. I'm right there with you hating on the treadmill but you are right – a treadmill run is better than no run. I think it makes me a better runner in the sense that it is so mentally challenging that I'm better able to push through tougher outdoor runs. Plus I find speedwork easier on the treadmill where I can control my pace. I'm hoping to complete the yoga challenge as well – 5 minutes a day is totally doable and perfect for this time of year where the northeast is blanketed in snow 🙂

  7. I LOVE the R8 Roller, I can't live without it!
    My recent post Your Joints Need Love too! Osteo Bi-Flex Review and Giveaway

  8. I agree about the treadmill. I'll do it if I have to but I have a hard time going beyond about 30 minutes. Just. Too. Boring.

    • Totally agree. I always wonder how some people do long runs on the treadmill. Honestly, I would prefer to delay my run, move it to another day, anything to get outside!

  9. organicsandra says:

    First of all I love your Skirt Sports capris, secondly that roller looks crazy! I have the enso too and love it. And most of all so excited to #taketheleap with you and all of the other awesome bloggers in the prana 30 days of yoga challenge!

    • I'm honestly a little obsessed with Skirt Sports! That print is so amazing though. I always get comments on them. I'm looking forward to getting my yoga on with you too!

  10. runsaltrun says:

    Rolling is definitely part of a good fitness routine and something that I do not do nearly enough.
    Happy Yoga Challenge!! I was so excited to start today!

  11. Great post, Lisa! I have exercises from my PT and feel better and stronger when I do them. Consistency is my issue too. I need to remind myself to do them because I got out of the habit once I "graduated" from my last round of PT.
    My recent post Ladybug Run 5k, 10k, Kids Races


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