Friday Five: What’s in my gym bag?

Today, I’m linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia to share what’s in my gym bag! 

What's in my Gym Bag?

Bag:  I love my gym bag so much, I feel like it is worth mentioning here.  The Yoga Tote from Apera makes the trek to work almost every single day.  For a full review, check out my post here!  Nothing but positive things to say about this bag and after a year, it is still holding up really well!

Yoga Tote 1

Fuel:  I always have Nuun Hydration, Honey Stingers, and usually some sort of Picky Bar floating around in my gym bag.  I like to be prepared since I typically go to the gym/go for a run straight from work.

Nuun and Honey Stingers

Water Bottle:  If I am heading out on the run, I need my Handy 10 from Ultimate Direction.  It’s just the right size to get me through a run.

Ultimate Direction

Running Gear:  I usually try to make sure that I have one warm weather outfit for the gym and one cold weather outfit for running outside. For more tips on winning at winter running, check out this post!

Running Gear

Shoes:  Cliftons from Hoka One Ones –  These are my go to shoes for my runs these days.  I talked more about my reasons for liking these shoes in my year in review post {here}.

Hoka One One

There you have it!  This is typically what I carry in my gym bag when I head to work.  And, I should add that I usually end up with tons of extra sports bras and socks since I am so fearful of forgetting them!  If you would like to share what is in your gym bag, feel free to join the link up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia!

What are your must-haves for your gym bag?  Do you have a designated gym bag or are you a plastic bag, whatever I have available kind of person?




  1. that is almost exactly like my bag! The Nuun and the Honey Stinger for sure 🙂 I recently got a new gym bag- nothing fancy, just from some outlets- and I am loving it. Much better than a plastic bag 😉

  2. I always have so many socks in my bag as well, because I figure may as well throw another pair in just in case! However, I only have one sports bra and it's always the thing I forget to pack as a result, which is the worst when I'm excited to go running!

  3. runningoutofwine says:

    I don't have a gym bag since I don't bring much to the gym with me. I like that water bottle! It looks perfect for runs where I want to bring something but not a camelbak or larger water bottle.
    My recent post Top 5 Items For Your Home Gym

  4. mainegirl2runs says:

    I just started going to the gym! I may actually have to start filling a gym bag! Usually, I am just heading out the door to run from home!
    My recent post My First Time Experience with a Personal Trainer

  5. I love my Handy 10 as well! Used it just Sunday for my 10 miler. It's the perfect size for a semi longish run without being annoying 😉 And I'm desperate to try and Apera bag! I've been seeing them by bloggers everywhere!
    My recent post Friday Five: What’s in My Fitness Closet?!

    • You definitely need to get on the Apera bandwagon. For having it a year, it still looks brand new and I use it every day. Sometimes Apera runs really great deals… check em out!

  6. designated gym bag for sure. I like the color of yours
    My recent post A Peek In My Gym Bag

  7. I’m a total whatever bag I have kinda girl lol I usually use an old race day swag bag. I don’t go to the gym often so I never invested in a real bag..but I love my NUUN too, wherever I go!! It’s my go-to drink. I’ve not tried Hoka shoes. I’m a Mizuno girl thru and thru. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!
    Jess@Flying Feet recently posted…Friday Five: Gotta Bag It Up.My Profile

  8. I have that same tote and just love it!

  9. I got a new gym bag for Christmas made by rare earth. Got a great deal on it at Sam’s for $49 retail $100. Love it. I also make sure I have what you listed but id like to add cute headbands in mine are essential! !!
    Tricia Vaughn recently posted…I CAN!My Profile

    • Lately, I'm more of a hats than headbands person. BUT, when I am inside at the gym, I break out the headbands. Plus, I just cut my hair short and need the help of the headbands!

  10. Your bag is so cute! My fitness center is a quick walk away, so I usually skip the bag unless I need 5000 layers 🙂
    My recent post Friday 5: 2014 in Review

  11. I'm obsessed with my Apera yoga tote too!!
    My recent post Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Smoothie Recipe #foodiefriday

  12. i really liked the handy 10 but find that for runs over a few miles, it just isn't enough water for me. i take it if i know i'll pass water fountains but now i use a larger water bottle way more often.
    My recent post Five Things in My {Barre} Bag

    • True. I guess I'm lucky in that there are several fountains around West Point… And, I don't really train for super long races in the winter when they are shut off! I might have to re-think that if I ever trained for a spring marathon.

  13. runsaltrun says:

    I LOVE your bag! It's so pretty! I always have Nuun with me as well. Never leave home without it!
    My recent post It’s in the bag. {The Friday Five}

  14. Yes on the extras! Although I mostly use my gym bag for packing stuff to get ready for work after my workout and I'm so afraid of not having clean undies!
    My recent post How To Workout Before Work

  15. courtruns4cupcakes says:

    I love those Apera bags. If and when ever start going to the gym I think I'll invest in one!
    My recent post Friday Five: My First Time!

  16. Great post! I have the same bag (mine's the black and blue one), and I love it. It's so nice to have a designated gym bag. Normally in my bag, you'll find various food bars and lip balm floating around. Can't leave home without either of them!

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