Thinking Out Loud – January 22 Edition

Today I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud! Honestly, I love this style post for the freedom to chat about all the random things that cross my mind.


Right now, I’m trying to sort out my race schedule for 2015.  I feel like I am missing something from my calendar, especially the summer months.  I have nothing scheduled from the beginning of May through August!  I typically run a few events in Maine in the summer if I can get away from work.  I would love to do the same this year but every time I run a race during the summer, I swear to myself that I will not race the following summer.  I basically stink at listening to my own advice.  The question is to decide if I should enter the Beach to Beacon 10k again this year {it’s in Maine in August} and think about running the L.L.Bean 10 {hilliest 10k in Freeport, ME}.  And looking down the road a bit further, I’m also trying to figure out what to do with my deferred marathon entries from last year.  I have entries into both Marine Corps Marathon and the New York City Marathon.  So, the question remains… what do I do?!  NYC or MCM?!  Oh the decisions.  Oh, and to make matters more interesting, my husband is now also interested in running his first marathon.  Um, will this be healthy for our relationship?

2015 Race Calendar

To continue chatter about races, at the end of last year, Nike Women’s Race Series announced that they would not be returning back to DC.  I ran the inaugural event two years ago and it was a beautiful course{recap here} despite some logistical snafus.  I was a bit bummed to hear they would not be back in DC this year because I was tempted to return in 2015.  Then, tons of excitement started building when the interwebs were crawling with rumors that Nike would host a race in NYC.  I thought that sounded even better!  I love a race in driving distance.  Welp, it was announced today {I’m writing this Wednesday} that the only US race will remain in San Francisco.  Instead, they added another North American stop in Toronto and the distance is a 15k.  Boy did that news catch fire on social media!  I am honestly surprised that there is such an uproar over the news.  Some say the event is too soon to book travel {June} and too much money {for a 15k} and already up against a lot of other races in the area.  I’m sure they will sell out regardless… What are your thoughts?  disappointed?  Could care less?

Nike Toronto

And in other random things running through my mind, a couple of months ago, I shared that I was starting my journey with Tria Beauty and the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision {Post here– disclaimer – I received this product free of charge}.  My goal is to not have to shave my pits by the spring!  Well, since December, I completed my treatments every two weeks and I am slowly starting to notice a difference.  Now, I will be honest and admit that I am a complete baby when it comes to using the device.  There are three different levels and I am only brave enough to use it on the first level.   Most people want to know what it feels like and it’s kind of an odd sensation to describe.  It’s not that it hurts but it isn’t the most comfortable thing I have ever done before.  Yet, as I complete more and more sessions, it is getting easier for me to tolerate.  I still haven’t taken it up a notch and I think that I would rather complete more sessions at a lesser intensity to see the results.  The thought of not having to deal with shaving my armpits or dealing with my lovely mustache is keeping me on the bandwagon!  Fingers crossed that I continue to see progress!

Tria Beauty

So tell me, have you ever tried Tria or a laser hair removal?  I’m so eager to see results!
Thoughts on good races to add to my calendar?  Would you train for a marathon with your significant other? And, the biggest question of all… NYCM or MCM!  Fill me in!



  1. Amanda @ Running with Spoons says:

    I've never tried laser hair removal, but I'm a baby when it comes to those things as well. I like to think that I have a high tolerance for pain, but it's the -idea- behind it that skeeves me out the most. Which is why I can't get acupuncture. I hear it's virtually painless, but the idea of tonnes of tiny needles sticking out of me? Eeeeeeeeee no.
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    • So my massage therapist recently recommended acupuncture. And, while the idea of being pain free sounds amazing… am I willing to have a lot of tiny needles in me? Not yet! I think I will need to be a little more desperate before I head that route.

  2. I have always wanted to do a Nike’s Women’s Race series. I am sad to hear that the DC one is no longer but I have always wanted to visit San Francisco. Toronto would be unique for being an International race but I have no desire to do that.

    I have heard of tria and have always wondered if it really worked.

    • I would love to do the San Fran race but I am trying to stick to the east coast this year in terms of racing. I just don't want to spend the money on flights across the country! I will keep you posted on my Tria adventures!

  3. Love your rant lol! I was a little disappointed by Nike. Sure people will still flock to their events in hops of a little blue box, but I know many that are highly upset about the lack of communication. On BTW! I think you should totally do MCM and NYC and become maniac

    • Yes, their social media is definitely lacking which I find really odd. I think the Tiffany bling is the big draw for a lot of people to enter the races. Oh, and I am definitely not that hardcore! I like half fanatics thank you very much. My body was not happy after one marathon so I can't imagine running two back to back!

  4. runningoutofwine says:

    I have run in the same marathons as my husband but we don't train or race together! We just do our own thing and its worked out fine. I know some people like to have someone to train with but we have much different running styles so its worked out better this way:)
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  5. courtruns4cupcakes says:

    I was a little disappointed when I heard the Nike news. I was going to run DC this year, but oh well! I'm sure they'll be adding more races in the future.
    My recent post Friday Five: My First Time!

  6. I really regret not having done either Nike race when they were in DC. I'm not going to San Fran (though I would like to visit there some day!) I am about to hit the sign up button on the More half! Can't wait to do a couple races with you this year – yay!!
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  7. If the Toronto race was a half – I may have been persuaded…since I've been wanting to visit the city again…. Even though its a 15K…I am sure they will sell out…a nice unique distance if you are a local. Ahhh MCM or NYCM… that is a tough one! Does one excite you more than the other? The LL Bean 10 sounds interesting.. since I am not running the BAA series this year… looking for an alternate race in NE when I visit my sisters in Boston.
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    • The logistics of NYC scare me. I ran MCM in 2013 and loved it. I am still so torn and the time is ticking away on my NYC registration availability! The LLBean race is a 10k on the Fourth of July. It's so much fun since the town has kids races and a really nice parade after the event. Plus, I just love Freeport!

  8. Ah, I need to sign up for the sono half… I'm hesitant bc it's my wedding anniversary weekend but I'm going to feel totally bummed if I don't do it… And you are doing gulf beach too! I may need to jump on board but you might get completely sick of me copying your races

    • YEA! I'm so happy you signed up! Oh, and I just realized that Gulf Beach is on Cora's birthday. I think that should be fine since it's not like we will be celebrating in the early morning hours anyway. I'm going to double check with Jake just to be safe before I pull the trigger on that one. Oh, and I won't get sick of you!

  9. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    You have lots of good stuff on the books!!!
    Funny I haven't been on social media that much but I did see they decided on Toronto. I would have totally done it because 15K is my very favorite distance but that is the day of my big triathlon this year! totally sad!!! But I think there will be no problem selling out this year. Nike and those blue boxes have a huge following!! They really need to do something about their PR/social media/Website. You would think such a big company would be able to handle that!!
    I think that you should do NYC…cause you have already done MCM!! (I just entered the lotto again…I can't imagine that i will be lucky enough to run it again but i thought i would put my name in the hat)!!

    • So, my main worry with NYC is the logistics. How was the waiting around for you? How did you feel not starting the race until mid morning and running through the afternoon? That is the biggest reason I am now freaked out about NYC versus other marathons!

      • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

        It really isn't that bad. You really aren't waiting around all that much(or at least we weren't). By the time you take the subway to the ferry to the bus….you get there go to the bathroom and get in your corral. The little bit of time that we were standing around we just talked to people around us and it was fun. I think that is part of the experience!! 🙂 As for running late in the morning…you can train that way and that will probably make it an easier transition. I never did. I still trained in the morning as usual. On race day i ate breakfast at my normal time and had a snack while on the bus. I can't even express to you how AWESOME this race is. You have never done anything like it. It is absolutely amazing and you won't know until you run it!!!

  10. I have never tried laser hair removal, too chicken 🙂 Hope to see you at Ragnar!
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  11. mainegirl2runs says:

    I was definitely hoping for an NYC Nike half marathon race! I would love to catch any NYC race this year! I love all the new races on your schedule Lisa! I'm looking forward to Ragnar DC in the fall! Still hoping I'll be up in Maine to run B2B and Llbean 10ks:)
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  12. I've always heard amazing things about the NYCM, but I'm sure whichever you choose will be great! So far my only races are the Westfield Half on March 29th and the 5-mile Run to Remember in Boston Memorial Day weekend. I'm excited about that one because my little sister is running with me! I would love to do Gulf Beach or SoNo but I may have a really great reason not to be running half marathons come fall. Have you looked at the Shipyard race in Portland ME in July?

    • That's awesome that your sister will be running with you! I often think about running the Shipyard race in Portland. I always am hesitant to sign up for a summer half though…. the 10ks are enough to kill me. I just personally have a really hard time running in heat and humidity. Ahhhh, a good reason for no running come fall huh?! One can guess!

  13. I have never tried laser hair removal. I'm a wimp and afraid it would hurt. Looks like you will have a busy race season this year.

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