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Becoming a part of the Skirt Sports family as an Ambassador Captain has been an awesome experience so far.  The old ambassadors and the Skirt Sports teamed welcomed us newbies right away.  Plus, it’s hard not to love being a part of an organization that really promotes the female athlete.  And, the new #REALwomenmove campaign hosted by Skirt Sports makes me even more excited about this company!

“We are surrounded by messages of intimidation and exclusiveness in the world of fitness. My #‎REALwomenmove‬ goal is to stop the madness and show women that being fit is something we can all do, regardless of our size, shape, or activity level.”  -Skirt Sports CEO & Founder Nicole DeBoom

So, with this campaign in mind, I thought I would share a little bit of my REAL story.  Back in 2010, as a new mom coming back to the running community, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  To kick off my postpartum running, I started off at the on-post gym since I could go there immediately after work.  I remember being embarrassed of how I looked and how slow I felt on the treadmill in comparison to the others around me.  Now that seems silly, but at the time, I was really ashamed of my new “mom body”.  With all those eyes at the gym, I stopped running inside and started going on runs outside, with Cora in her stroller. For some reason, when I ran outside, I didn’t feel judged.  I could embrace being a new mom and it felt “easier” to be slow if I had a jogging stroller in front of me.  But with time, I got into a regular fitness routine and really embraced my new identity as a mother and a runner.

Running ultimately helped me recreate boundaries around the concept of self care.  And, most importantly, running helped me no longer hate my body by helping me appreciate my new found strength and mental determination.  Running has given me a space to call my own, a place to leave behind the stressors of work and the sometimes overwhelming responsibility of raising a tiny human.

Today, as a mom of a four year old little girl, I love the idea behind this #REALwomenmove movement.  I want my daughter to hold on to the love she has for her four year old body forever.  By running and associating myself with strong women, I hope that she will see the value in fitness and continue to develop into a confident young lady that embraces her body regardless of her size or shape.  Now, I want all of you to get behind this Skirt Sports movement too!

It’s easy to join the movement!

1.  Spread the world by using the #REALwomenmove hashtag on your social media channels!

2.  Together, by sharing the #REALwomenmove hashtag, we are supporting the Get Started Scholarships.  For every 5,000 #REALwomenmove hashtags, Skirt Sports will donate a Get Started Scholarship to a lucky recipient.  This scholarship will include a Skirt Sports bra, top, bottom, hat, socks, and a free race entry to a 5k!

And, to make this an even more amazing opportunity, you can nominate a friend to win a Get Started Scholarship from Skirt Sports!  I know there are a lot of women that can benefit from the running apparel needed to get into the running game!  For additional information on the #REALwomenmove campaign and the Get Started Scholarship, head on over to Skirt Sports!

And, don’t forget that you can always use the code ‘SSLRC20’ to receive 20% off your {affiliate link} Skirt Sports purchases!

Tell me, what are your goals?  What are your struggles?!  Share ’em here!


PS. Be sure to check back with me next week.  I have an exciting Skirt Sports giveaway going on 😉

PPS.  Can you find me in the graphic above?!


  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    What a great cause and (movement) it's a strong message that I totally agree with! I will for sure remember to use the above hashtag this week!


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