Race Recap: 2015 Beach to Beacon + Maine Fun!

Beach to Beacon 10k

I can’t believe that it is already August 10th!  Where on earth does time go?  July was an absolute blur.  After heading to Maine for the Fourth of July weekend, and traveling to San Antonio for work, it was off to Maine again for the 2015 Beach to Beacon road race. The Thursday before the race, I drove up to Freeport with Cora. We settled in on Thursday night before having some guests over on Friday!  Mar from Mar on the Run, Colleen from Live Free and Run, and Kara from One Readhead and lighthouses joined us in Freeport for a fun afternoon of kayaking!  And, cupcakes!

East End Cupcakes

Friday night, I made quick business of the expo at the Cape Elizabeth High School.  It’s a very small expo and I like to get in and out when Cora is with me.  After that, it was back to Freeport to relax and get to sleep!  Jake arrived late on Friday night and just in time for our early wake up call to drive down to Cape Elizabeth.  We parked at the High School satellite parking site and made our way to the starting line at about 6:45am.  Jake and I met up with Colleen, Kara and eventually Mar while we were waiting in the corrals for the start.

Beach to Beacon - Pre-Race

Going in to the race, I was hoping to run a time better than the LL Bean 10k a few weeks prior.  The past few years, this has been the case for me.  I knew I didn’t have a course PR in me (51:55) but I was shooting to run somewhere around 55 minutes.  Well, by the second mile, I knew something wasn’t right and that it was not going to be my day.  I just felt horrible.  My legs felt incredibly heavy, my breathing was labored, and I just didn’t feel good.  I sent a lovely short but sweet text message – dying – to Mar and Jake around mile three.   I was hoping that one of them would see it and that they would give me some motivation to make it to the finish line.  Thankfully, Mar was right behind and she caught up to me by the fourth mile.  Things get a wee bit hilly on the back half of this race so I was so happy to have the support and distraction of Mar by my side.  With less than a mile to go, I gave it everything I had left in me.  I really wanted the race to be over.  It was one of my worst 10k times since I started running.

Beach to Beacon 2015 - 3

photo 5 (2)

Beach to Beacon 2015 - 4

Mile 1:  8:44 /Mile 2: 9:44 /Mile 3:  10:07

Mile 4:  10:21 /Mile 5:  10:42 /Mile 6:  10:23 / .25:  7:18


Now looking back at it a week later, this race was just a tough one to swallow.  It has totally made me doubt being able to run a fall marathon.  I’m just not where I hoped to be at this point in the year. I’m trying to take it in stride and not let one bad race get me down.  I just want to catch a break, hit a groove and love running again.  Sigh.  Attempting to move on!

Beach to Beacon 2015 - 1 Beach to Beacon 2015 - 2

If you are interested in running this race, be sure to keep an eye on their website for the registration date.  It is typically in March.  Make sure to set a reminder for yourself so that you can type as fast as you can to register!  It sells out within minutes!  This race brings together runners of all paces from  around the world.  Joan Benoit Samuelson, the race founder and Olympian, noted that “I’ve always wanted to create a race that brings runners to some of my most favorite training grounds, so that they can enjoy the same beautiful environment, sense of community and rich history that has played such an important role in my life.”  Beach to Beacon is a world-class event and there is no doubt that it is due to Joan’s dedication to the sport.

Have you ever run Beach to Beacon?  What’s your favorite road race?  How do you recover from a less than stellar race performance?



  1. This has been my whole training season! I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling. Sorry to hear you had a longer race time than you wanted I know this disappointing. The next one will be better 🙂

  2. It was so much fun to catch up with you, Mar and Colleen! Can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by! Great photos from the race course! I’m already looking ahead to next August:) Still chasing a new course PR.
    Kara {MaineGirl2Runs} recently posted…Beach2Beacon Race RecapMy Profile

  3. I know how you feel. I seem to hit a running slump every summer. Take a mental break and get after it again!

  4. I'm glad I had my phone on vibrate!! it was great running next to you and enjoying many hours of fun in Maine! I'm with you on the running struggle. Trying really get back into it. Hope to see you soon and even if you weren't feeling it, great pictures!!
    My recent post Weekend Highs: #RunWithHart & Bloggers Who Brunch

  5. sorry it was a rough day. those are always tough. but on the plus side getting to run w/mar is always a positive 🙂 love those pics!
    My recent post DC Blogger Brunch Recap

  6. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    I'm so sorry!! I hate when races don't go the way you want!!! There is always next year or the next race?! 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear about the race. Glad you were able to catch up/run with Mar. Great pic of you!
    My recent post Out of the Office

  8. Casey Chute says:

    Nice recap. Sorry you did not get the time you wanted! I’ll say for little ol me who runs a 10min mile, it was a little disheartening to read that your worst time was close to my goal time! lol.


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