Friday Five: Life Lately

So, lately, I suck at blogging and it seems to be pushed to the bottom of the priority list every darn week.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty of ideas whirling around in my head.  It’s just that the motivation to put it down on paper, or this website, disappears when my free time is limited to late night and early mornings.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta (Mar + Cynthia + Courtney) and their Friday Five Link-Up, I’m going to hit you with five updates on my life lately!

Marathon Training:  Ah, this is a running blog, right?!  Well, I finally feel like I am getting my groove back.  Right now, I am focusing on building back my mileage.  I am still signed up for the New York City Marathon.  But, to be honest, I’m not sure that I am going to run it.  I am not exactly where I would like to be in my training.  Yes, I am getting stronger…FINALLY!  No, I don’t have any pain.  WOOOHOOO!  But, I don’t want to run it undertrained and end up suffering through the event.  Yet, the pull to do it is so strong.  It is a once and a lifetime race and we won’t be living in NY next year.  Maybe if running it isn’t in the cards, I can do some sort of walk/run combo and not give two hoots about my time?  I still have time to sort through my thoughts on this one so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other, keep training and get stronger!

Ragnar:  DC Ragnar is upon us!  Having run several Ragnars, this relay is working out to be the most difficult to coordinate.  I guess I never realized that the starting line is in the boonies.  Oh, and then I have a work conflict that will not allow me to get into DC as early as I would like.  I pretty much arrive in DC late the night before the race.  Couple that with a 6am start time and I’m cranky and on logistics overload.  So, things are slowly ironing themselves out.  Ragnars always have a way of working themselves out – I just have to remind myself of this!  And, I’m thankful for Mar stepping up to help with my panic attack over the race!  All in all, I am so excited to see all my teammates!  I have some fellow bloggers, Tough Chiks, a friend from high school, Team Nuun teammates, and gals I have run several relayswith all coming together for the event.  I personally think we are going to have a blast!IMG_9958

Family:  Right now, we are buzzing with family “stuff” – some great and other things not so great.  Surgeries and illness are a plenty in my family right now.   I am just so darn thankful that we are stationed close to home.  I can’t imagine being at another duty station while all of this “life stuff” is happening.  I’m starting to feel like everything certainly happens for a reason and we were meant to be here at West Point so that we can spend as much time with our extended family as possible.  And yes, I’m totally in denial that we are moving in less than a year.  Let’s save that for another post shall we!

Kindergarten:  I have a Kindergartener!!!  Oh my goodness!  Where does time go?!  She is absolutely in love with her teacher.  Since both my husband and I work full-time, we have quite the logistical circus to get her to and from school and her separate after-school program.  We are still working out the kinks in our new routine but we have successfully managed two weeks!


My Mom:  Okay, so I am super-duper proud of my momma.  After a doctor’s appointment this summer, she was placed on additional medication for her diabetes.  After that appointment,  she took the bull by the horns and joined a gym and signed up for personal training!  Since that day, she lost 20 pounds!!!  At her follow up with her doctor yesterday, he was able to take her off that additional medication.  I’M SO PROUD OF HER! {And, as a side note, her doc is also on Team Nuun.  Crazy small world, right?!}

So, what are you up to these days?!  Anyone else feel the stress of trying to balance it all?  Anyone else have a proud moment to share?



  1. way to go to your mom – that's awesome. your daughter is precious! hope you are able to get all your ragnar stuff figured out 🙂
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  2. this post makes me smile big 🙂 I am SO excited to run Ragnar with you!! I just realized you're handing off to me 🙂 Yay for Cora enjoying school and bigger YAY for your momma!! woohoo – have a great weekend my friend!
    My recent post Friday Five: Five Things Friday!

  3. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    September is always crazy trying to figure out a new routine. Things will settle down soon ! Hang in there

  4. Congratulations gto to your mom! That is awesome! Good for her! I always wanted to do a Ragnar race. They sound like alot of fun. I can see how that would be hard to organize. If you need another runner, let me know.

  5. Well done to your mom! I've tried everything to encourage mine to do the same… the FitBit I gave her worked for a while, but only a while. Oh well! I guess she needs to *want* it to do it.

    Enjoy Ragnar! I'm so excited to run Ragnar Napa Valley with Team Nuun next month!
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    • Yes, my mom has gone through periods where she has worked out a lot before and then gone back. I think this time with the increased health concerns, she really bought in to making a lifestyle change.

  6. 1. GO MOM!
    2. Yay Kindergarten! Such a fun year!
    3. I'm struggling with my upcoming October half training, too! I'm with you on that I'd rather defer than be miserable, but I'm hoping my body manages to snap into some strong runs soon! Maybe the cooler weather will help?
    My recent post Friday 5: Things I'm Loving

  7. dancingtorunning says:

    Your daughter is adorable! Glad to hear that she's loving school so far!
    My recent post Friday Five – Potpourri v. 5

  8. Awww what a milestone – first day of "big" school 🙂 You'l have such a great time running Ragnar!
    My recent post Chicago Marathon Training Week 14 – 8/31-9/6

  9. We are starting to have some Ragnar drama as well. I'm counting on it ironing itself out because I just don't have the time or energy to stress about it!! Hope I get to see you out there! What runner number are you?
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