Happy Friday! Life Lately & 2016 Announcements!

Happy Friday!

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links and discount codes related to my ambassador positions.  All opinions are my own.

Well, 2016 is off and running. I feel as though I am barely keeping up! Plus, when you take off a whole month from blogging, you are bound to have lots of things to share! It’s kind of overwhelming to even attempt to start blogging again but I’m going for it. I caught you up on my holidays in my last post so I thought I would share some exciting things that are in the works for 2016.

First off, I’m thrilled to be invited back on Team Nuun Hydration for 2016. {If you are new to my blog, you need to check out this electrolyte replacement tablet ASAP!} When I say that this team is family, I mean it. Since running Hood to Coast with Nuun in 2013, I have met some truly incredible athletes and am thankful to call some of them friends. The comradery of this team is hard to beat and I’m excited that a few teammates might be coming to my neck of the woods to run some trails later on this spring! If this really happens, I think a Nuun house party is a must since I am about 3 miles from the starting line of this event!

2016 Announcements! 2016 Team Nuun

I’m also happy to report that I will be stylin’ in the bold patterns and comfort of Skirt Sports again in 2016. This is a phenomenal company that understand how to support the female athlete. My skirt sisters are always incredibly supportive. And, to be perfectly honest, I own so much Skirt Sports it is a little bit embarrassing. Every time I am out on the run, I am basically in skirt from top to bottom! Here’s to hoping I can meet some more skirt sisters in the New Year. I’m not sure that I can make it out to Colorado for the annual retreat and 13er race since I’m moving right around that time {more on that later!} but I really, really want to go [insert whining voice].  Oh, and did I mention that the new Spring patterns are starting to come out on their site…. DROOL! (For 20% off, use the discount code, ‘LRC20’ at checkout.)

2016 Announcements! SS Ambassador 2016


So, with that in mind, I’m also trying to sort out my goals for the year and my race calendar! To ease back into regular running and find my mojo, I signed up for the Nuun Year Dash and the ZOOMA Run Love Challenge. Both virtual events are in February so I need to get moving! They are providing some solid online accountability which I desperately need right now. And, along those same lines, I am also participating in a 21-Day #RunnersReset Challenge with Laura from Mommy Run Fast. This is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone! This challenge is designed for runners and will hopefully  help me regain control over my diet and help me incorporate more strength training into my life. I need both of those things desperately! I hope to blog more about how this challenge works for me. Today is closing out Day 5 and so far so good!

Okay, where was I? That’s right, race schedules…. I really wish I could commit and put a Ragnar Relay on my calendar. It just seems wrong to not be in the planning stages. I need quality time with my Tough Chiks and some of my other friends that I tend to lure into these situations… you know who you are 😉 I don’t want to commit to being a Captain because it definitely takes up a lot of time. So, while I might be convinced to run one if it were to work with my on-call schedule, the common sense side of me is urging me to lay off Ragnar Relays in 2016. It’s hard to make mature decisions.

Oh, and as I mentioned briefly, I have a BIG move coming up this year. We are relocating, thanks to the Army, to the great state of Kansas. Honestly, I’m terrified. And, since I don’t have exact dates for the move, it’s another reason for me to be hesitant when it comes to planning big race weekends.   So, before we move halfway across the country, I plan on taking advantage of some of some local races like the West Point Half Marathon and venture down to Annapolis for the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon to hang out with some of my favorite friends and bloggers.  I am also a 2016 race ambassador for ZOOMA!  Super excited about this since ZOOMA was one of the very first races I collaborated with back when I started my blog in 2012.  So, if you are thinking of running any of the ZOOMA races this year, please use my discount code ‘LisaP16’ to receive 10% off the Annapolis, Cape Cod, and Amelia Island races!2016 Announcements! ZOOMA Ambassador 2016Aside from that I have some tentative race plans for Maine this summer – the usual suspects, the L.L.Bean 10k and the Beach to Beacon 10k (if I have fast enough fingers!), plus a new to me event, the Shipyard Old Port Half (Use the code ‘cupcakes’ to receive $5.00 off your race entry!). We hope to spend a few weeks in Maine before we venture out to Kansas so that is why I am Maine heavy on summer races.2016 Announcements! Old Port Half Marathon

And, in trying to remain completely optimistic about our upcoming move,  the plus side of moving to Kansas is that it gives me a lot of new races and new areas to explore on foot. I’m not registering for any Kansas races yet but I do have my eye on a few contenders.  Please share with me your favorite races around Kansas City if you have them!  I would appreciate it 🙂

I think that about wraps up my 2016 Announcements! So, how is your 2016 and race calendar shaping up?  I would love to hear which races you are eying in the New Year!


Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links and discount codes related to my ambassador positions.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Are you going to be near Kansas City? That's a great place to live.

    Sometimes I wish we were made to move – I'm a little tired of the DC area after 20 years LOL.
    My recent post Five stages of running like a mother

    • Yep! We are likely going to live on base at Fort Leavenworth since we are only there a year (or less). That puts us in easy driving distance to Kansas City. I do love exploring new areas but I have become so used to living close to family here at West Point (we live about an hour from family right now). The biggest pain is the whole job scene. Although, I'm contemplating a year of fun-employment in Kansas!

  2. There's a line of a song in my head now.. I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come.
    All the best with preparing to move. I know it's a big change but you'll get through it.
    And welome back to the blog.
    My recent post 6 Ways Blogging Will Change Your Life

  3. Congrats on all of the above! Are you headed to Leavenworth? I will see you in Portland this summer hopefully!!

  4. You have a whole lotta excitement goin on!!! and a move? wowsers! I too want to be mature and say no to ragnar. BUT yet….it calls!!! xx
    My recent post I've been away….

    • Ugh, it's always so hard to turn down a Ragnar. Mostly, it is because I just don't have the time to be a Captain. Now, if someone put together a team, I'm sure I could be persuaded! 😉

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