Breathe: Mantras, Heart Rate Training, & An Endorphin Warrior Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Endorphin Warrior in exchange for a review of the Warrior Training Ring. As always, all opinions are my own.

After experiencing major burnout over the past year or so, I stepped back to reevaluate my goals and settled on a new approach to regaining my motivation. In January, I decided to take a little bit of a different approach to training and implemented heart rate training. In the 10 weeks since I started heart rate training, I have had to dig deep to stay motivated to this training method. Part of the journey towards making aerobic progress is also working on my mental strength.

Honestly, it is amazing how the mental and physical aspects of training are so interconnected. Heart rate training offers challenges as I have to take walk breaks, watch fellow runners fly by me, post slow times to my Strava account, and rein it in when I just want to hit the pavement hard. It’s difficult to let your ego go by the wayside in the hopes of seeing stronger numbers in the future. One of my tricks for staying motivated, especially during the base building phase of heart rate training, is to use one-word mantras.

Back in 2013, Endorphin Warrior sponsored Nuun Hydration’s Hood to Coast team and I received a beautiful ‘Believe’ leather bracelet. This particular Endorphin Warrior bracelet and the one-word mantra, ‘Believe’, brought me a year filled with personal records and achieving new goals, like running my first marathon and racing in my first 200-mile relay. Now, I’m using a new one-word mantra and a brand new Endorphin Warrior Training Ring to help me tackle my newest challenge in heart rate training.

Endorphin Warrior Training Ring 3

The Endorphin Warrior ‘BREATHE’ ring is the perfect way to remind myself to keep my breathing under control as I work to keep myself calm, steady, and focused during heart rate training. With mantras, you want to be able to focus on your strengths during the periods of discomfort and when negative thoughts enter your mind. To me, great mantras are short, instructive, positive, and full of action words. Endorphin Warrior’s line of rings and bracelets are chock full of inspiring words to serve as energetic reminders to stay the course with your training and challenge yourself during races.“In the breath, the soul finds an opportunity to speak.” — Donna Fauldsadventure with them. (3)

Endorphin Warrior Training Ring 1

Endorphin Warrior is offering Lisa Runs for Cupcakes readers the opportunity to win their very own Warrior Training Ring! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter system below to be entered to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Tell me, what is one mantra that you use to keep you motivated?  Which ring do you want to win?

To add to the fun, this giveaway is a part of the Runaway Bridal Planner’s March into Spring Giveaway Hop! Be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop for an opportunity to win a variety of fantastic prizes! Happy Spring!

March into Spring

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Endorphin Warrior in exchange for a review of the Warrior Training Ring. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jill Snethen says:

    My one word Mantra is "Believe". I would love a ring with that on it.

  2. I would love to win the strength one

  3. Darlene Cardillo says:


  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these rings! I would get the "Unbreakable" one.

  5. kwchristensen says:

    Strength is my mantra

  6. Amanda C. says:

    "Breathe" would be a good thing for me on the starting line!

  7. When I am getting serious in my training my go to mantra is "Pain is only momentary, Glory lasts forever," I have gotten through some pretty painful races on that one 😉
    My recent post SKINS Compression Tights Giveaway + Giveaway Hop

  8. Strength and Will is my mantra

  9. gracefulcoffee says:

    My mantra is "Believe in yourself." Super motivating 🙂

  10. A mantra to keep me going would be “BELIEVE”

  11. My mantra is always "breathe". Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to push myself too hard, and I need to remember to relax and breathe and enjoy my run!

  12. My mantra is "Relentless and Bodacious!" Either would be GREAT on a ring!

  13. Courage is my mantra.

  14. I love the "limitless" ring!
    My recent post Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Bags

  15. “One foot in front of the other,” is my mantra right now! 😉

  16. I love these…and love running and wearing jewelry with messaging!!! I would love to wear Believe or Transcend!
    My recent post The notso Hypothermic Half

  17. petrahazel says:

    I would love the unstoppable ring!

  18. Lisa Ngai says:

    "That hurt more" – It comes from the Two Gomers podcast and basically reminds me of all the tough stuff I've gone through in my life and compared to that, it's easy to keep going.

  19. fitballingrunningmom says:


    I would love the Positive ring. I have every intention daily to live in a positive light and aura.

  20. Unstoppable 😔

  21. alison gibb says:

    If I was the lucky winner, I would choose the STRENGTH WARRIOR TRAINING RING!!

  22. Michele L says:

    I would choose Persevere. That's what I tell myself every day.

  23. Keep Calm is my mantra!

  24. Tough choice, but probably Believe or Persevere!

  25. Melina Ramirez says:

    I would like to have the Believe ring. I got to believe in myself.

  26. I love the Transcend ring.

  27. oooh nice! I definitely like the breathe ring. My mantra is Just Keep Going… always. 🙂
    My recent post Let’s Move! at the White House

  28. farmermomwife says:

    Mine is Be Positive.

  29. Mine is "she thought she could so she did"

  30. I'd love to win the breathe ring! It's a cool idea to have a ring with a mantra during your run or workout.

  31. Lindsey Taylor says:

    Wow- super hard choice! I would choose Relentless or Limitless. Love them all though!

  32. Jilly Bean says:

    Breathe – because I forget to slow down and just breathe.

  33. Sarah Oswald says:

    I would probably choose the Believe ring .

  34. Christina B. says:

    I would choose the Positive Ring. Staying positive is something I struggle with. I'm a glass half empty kind of person though I try to look up.

  35. Sherry Compton says:

    I would choose the Breathe ring and give it to my daughter. It has special meaning to us…"breathe."

  36. My mantra is “trust the plan.”

  37. stephmab says:

    I love the "relentless" ring. I've recently taken up roller derby and that's a great mantra for that sport!

  38. I would like to win the STRENGTH ring!

  39. robyn donnelly says:

    I used to be in miltary many years ago so I still use the old cadence thing if needed.

  40. amanda whitley says:

    even though it may be super cliche my mantra is keep calm and carry on

  41. I would like the "Positive" or "Persevere" ring.

  42. Moderation is key …believe ring

  43. Paol Trenny says:


  44. Terri Irvin says:

    I would use OM as my mantra. It is the sound of the universe. It's the first, original vibration, representing the birth, death and re-birth process.

  45. MB Jackson says:

    I am heart rate training this year too- unstoppable!
    My recent post Faithful to………

  46. Laurie Nykaza says:

    FEARLESS WARRIOR TRAINING RING is my favorite I never give up

  47. chicksthatride says:

    Fear Not

  48. My mantra these days…slow and steady

  49. Mantra “Forward is a pace.” Ring I’d like it’s “Believe” to remind myself to believe in myself more.

  50. Denni swepston says:

    My mantra – Progress is not about perfection

  51. I would love the consistency! for workouts and homeschooling 😛

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