Burley #MothersOfNature: Finding Routines

This post is sponsored by Burley as part of their #MothersOfNature program. As a Burley #MothersOfNature Ambassador, I received free products from Burley.  All opinions are my own. 


Burley is an industry leader in recreational transport gear.  From running strollers to bike trailers, Burley makes it easy for parents to spend more time outdoors with their families by creating products that make the experience fun, seamless, safe and unique.  Back in May, I featured my first article as a #MothersOfNature Ambassador.  And, after several months, I am finally bringing you another installment.  And, I will be bringing you a third installment soon because the kind folks over at Burley were incredibly understanding of my chaotic military life this summer.  You see, I received my goodies, or should I say my daughter’s goodies, from Burley just before moving from New York to Kansas.  Just after the Piccolo and Burley Plus Conversion kit arrived, we found out that our movers were coming!  Instead of putting the Burley Piccolo together right away, we opted to keep it in the original packaging for the move to help prevent it from getting damaged.  I’m so thankful that we decided against building it in New York!  If you follow me on social media, you know of the drama that unfolded with our move.  Our whole house went from warehouses, to crates, from one truck to another truck.  After parting with our household goods at the beginning of June, we were finally reunited with them the very last day of July.

As my hubby and I both settle in to new jobs here in Kansas, new routines are key to helping make us feel at home.  Thankfully, school started incredibly early here in Kansas and Cora is getting settled into her new routine at school.  The poor kiddo only had one month of summer break!  But, I will say that she had quite the adventure over the past few months and she is so incredibly resilient that it just amazes me.  At five years old she handled moving halfway across the country like a champ.  That isn’t to say that there weren’t tears.  But, I am so proud of her every time she approaches new kids at the park, runs over to the new neighbors to introduce herself, and to listen to her share her excitement about the new friendships that are forming at camp and now, at school.  Best of all, she has enjoyed lots of extra time with her daddy this summer.  In the future, his work may take him away from our family again, so for now, I’m appreciative of all the time that he is there for her.

So now that work and home are shaping up, it’s time to bring in the fun and exploring… this is one of the perks of these military moves.  I am slowly writing a list of all of the beautiful trails and new scenery that I need to soak in on the run.  And, Cora is eager to hit the road with daddy on her new Burley Piccolo!  I’m thinking this is the perfect way for me to get in my long runs this fall.  Father Daughter bike rides while mom puts in some miles on foot.  Sounds good, right?

 But first, they needed to spend a little time bonding while putting it together!  😉  

 How cute, right?

Stay tuned for a full review of the Burley Piccolo and our Kansas adventures!


This post is sponsored by Burley as part of their #MothersOfNature program. As a Burley #MothersOfNature Ambassador, I received free products from Burley.  All opinions are my own. 

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