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Once upon a time, I ran a blog on a regular basis.  Yep, all kidding aside, this move to Kansas has kicked me in the pants in more ways that I probably would like to admit.

First off, blogging has certainly taken a back seat.  I thought about stopping the blog and social media but it is really hard for me to step away from it completely.  I really am still amazed by how many amazing people I have connected with and become friends with thanks to this little space of the web.  So, since this isn’t my full-time job, I plan to keep the space, post when I can and keep on keeping on.  I still read all of my friends and favorites but I did step back from commenting on blogs as much as I once did.  It isn’t that I don’t care, because I do!  And, I’m so motivated by everyone that continues to put themselves out there on the web as they tackle new goals.  But for now, I will probably be the creepy stalker blog reader that doesn’t comment.

Second, I think I want to bring this space back to the reason I started it in the first place.  My very first post and my reasons for starting the blog are very similar to where I find myself today, just four years later:


That brings me to the third way Kansas is kicking me in the pants.  I somehow lost my running mojo when I crossed into the central time zone.  Seriously, everything was great and I was building some solid mileage and a strong base through heart rate training.  Then, I lost all interest in running by mid-July.  I’m not sure why it happened but it did.  The past several months, I have run a few times a week but nothing extraordinary and I fell off the heart rate training plan completely.  I think I’m just kind of burnt out on running.  Oh, and then there is the fact that I have gained about ten pounds since moving here.  Yea, so that makes running harder.

With that, last week, I decided enough was enough.  I enrolled in an online accountability group with structured meal planning and exercise/heavy lifting guidance.  This program is like nothing I have ever done before and I think that is a good thing and exactly what I was going for – I need someone to hold me accountable, challenge my body and mind in new ways, and hopefully jumpstart the fire again.  I’m sure I will be back to running because I absolutely love it… I just don’t like it right now.

So that about sums up all the crazy that is going on!  How are you doing?



  1. Oh girl, I hear you! I think you and I both misplaced our running mojo at the same time (and SoNo half is 1 month away…eek). I am not sure where it went or how to find it again…the days when I try running I am just waiting for the run to be over with, it’s been so sad. Thankfully I like to do all this other fitness stuff, but I miss running, yet when I try it, I hate running. What is that?!?! I hope you get your mojo back, in the meantime if you are open to other suggestions, I am obsessed with for HIIT and lifting and so much more. This accountability group sounds cool… is it Beachbody stuff? Not the biggest fan of those work outs but whatever you cooked the other day looked amazeballs.

    Anyways.. keep on keeping on and doing what you can when you can 🙂 Hope the whole family is well

    • Ugh, what the heck?! Sorry to hear you lost it too. I think I need to sign up for a race this spring to give me some motivation or something. I can’t believe only a few years ago I ran a half almost every other weekend! So, the training program is a 6 week lifting and cardio plan, not beachbody, with a focus on healthy eating. Um, I have never logged or counted macros in my life so this is a steeeeeep learning curve for me! And, somewhat terrifying. I just needed different right now. That recipe is so good. Jake’s aunt got us this cookbook called Plenty More and there are tons of healthy recipes in it. Decided to whip it out since I was trying to behave myself this week.

      Hope you are doing well too! Keep me posted on the SONO race!
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  2. aside from the whole moving thing – nods along in general agreement. 🙂 Love you! Keep on keeping on!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Favorite Football Foods & a few Healthy AlternativesMy Profile

  3. Ok, you and Crissy are making me feel 98% better about my lack o’ running this summer! (And I don’t have the excuse of moving halfway across the country, oops.) I love it WHILE I’m running, but that only happens maybe every other week? The motivation is definitely missing. I feel like every blog post I’ve drafted lately starts with “So I know it’s been a while…” but I’m inspired by your original posts to use it as an accountability tool so hopefully it will pick up once a couple other things in my life make sense again. I was debating signing up for a half next spring because apparently I am incapable of keeping to a running plan unless there is a race looming over my calendar–so let me know if you have any recommendations!

  4. Moving and life get hectic, I had to put my blog on the back burner pretty much the entire summer and only in the last few weeks have gradually been able to start to get back into it. Which even as much as I enjoy it, I am finding long time off makes it even harder to find the time to do it again..
    I wish I could be one of those speedy bloggers, I follow a gal who I think writes her posts in minutes on the go, she doesn’t interact with anyone but she’s highly talented at quick fun interesting posts, I totally need to take some notes on that, LOL
    That is awesome about your class, sometimes getting out of our confort zone and trying something new is the perfect way to get readjusted! Good luck and have fun with it!

  5. Life gets so hectic and sucks all the motivation out of one. You had so much on your plate the past few months, but it was solely your effort and thoughts that made your want to get back on track. I lose my mojo several times and sometimes I just need to see things in a different light to get back my enthusiasm. I hope you have bounced back and all pumped up now! You got this girl!
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  1. […] This post helped me realize that it wasn’t just me that hit a wall this summer and needed to consciously recommit to running–and I think she makes a great point that joining an accountability group or challenge, anything like that, will help keep you on track. […]

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