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Disclosure:  Today’s post is a sponsored conversation by Speedo USA.  I received Speedo products as compensation.  All opinions regarding the Speedo swimsuits are my own.


In 2010, I founded this blog as a space to talk about my postpartum journey and rekindled love of running.  And, as I worked harder and harder on my running, I realized that my core was still incredibly weak and things were not going back to the way they were pre-pregnancy.  Long story short, I ended up finding out that I had diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles.  That frustrating post-baby weight in my mid-section did not seem to want to go away, even after the rest of the baby weight disappeared.  It’s that “look” that often leads to the “when are you due” question as you are holding your two-year old daughter.  As a new mom with a changing body, I struggled with body image.

So, why am I sharing that back-story?  Well, to be honest, when I received an e-mail about collaborating with Speedo, I instantly panicked and closed the e-mail.  I thought, there is no way that I am posting a swimsuit picture of me on the internet.  At first, that is all that I could think about.  Yet, the more I thought about why I did not WANT to post my photo in a swimsuit on the internet, the more I realized I NEEDED to partner with Speedo.  I needed to share my experience with swimsuit shopping because as moms, we need to be reminded that we are beautiful and our bodies are amazing!

Truth be told, I also wanted to remind myself and remind YOU that when it comes to being confident in a bathing suit, months of planning really aren’t required.  Every body is bathing suit ready.  Yes, I know it is hard to believe that statement as you thumb through perfectly posed images on social media and find a bikini body meal plan.  No doubt, getting active is great for the body and your mind but you can rock a swimsuit whenever you want.  Your body is absolutely amazing and does so much for you, including having that precious baby of yours.

And, trust me, I know that swimsuit shopping can be difficult when you’re trying to find something that fits your personal style, covers just the right places, and is still very functional. Yes, I’m talking to those of you that are wrangling little ones at the beach!  Just know that the search for that perfect mommy swimsuit doesn’t have to be a challenge.  And, it doesn’t even require that you bring those beautiful babies of yours to a store so that you can try on swimsuits in poor lighting.  In fact, with Speedo, you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

When I took a look at the Speedo website, I quickly realized I would need some measurements.  I took down my bust, waist, and hips.  As a note, the size guides on the site were pretty accurate and everything fit well when I received it in the mail.  I’m so happy that I took the extra time to measure because I ended up sizing down from where I initially guessed my sizes.  My advice is to use the website to look through all of the suits, fits, and guidelines.  Then, take the time to zero in on what kind of swimsuit will boost your confidence. Pick out the colors and styles that you typically love and order away.  Then, the best part is that you get to try on everything in the privacy of your own home!  I tried on all the suits for my husband and daughter to get their feedback.  They loved all of the suits I purchased, despite the variety of cuts and styles!

Let’s show you what I selected from Speedo Women!

My perfect momsuit is typically a tankini.  I went that route when I selected the Speedo Strappy Tankini – PowerFLEX Eco and Texture Stripe Hipster.  I wanted something that would look cute on vacation but still provide me with light support and modest coverage.  One of the big selling points on the Hipster Bottom is the grippers around the legs.  When you have little ones, it is so important to know that your bathing suit is going to stay put!

Next, I selected is the Speedo Texture Touchback – Speedo Endurance+ one-piece swimsuit.  This is the first one-piece swimsuit that I found to flatter my body type.  I really like the support of the racer-back style and think this will become a regular for swimming with my daughter.  It’s stylish but perfectly functional in that I have absolutely no worries about staying comfortable while playing.

Lastly, I decided to add another Tankini top to my cart because I couldn’t resist the color.  Purple is my favorite and I can easily pair this top with the Texture Stripe Hipster or any other black bottom.  And, I’m so glad I purchase this Tankini.  It turns out it is probably the most flattering of the items I selected!  The Speedo Strappy Tankini Powerflex Eco offers a little bit of a deeper v-neck and is the cutest momsuit I have ever seen.  All in all, I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to try suits that make me feel confident.  I’m so ready for summer!

Ladies, feel free to splurge on the bathing suit that will bring you summer confidence!  How do you swimsuit shop?   Have you ever purchased swimsuits online?  Take a look at the Speedo website and share your favorites in the comments below!


Disclosure:  Today’s post is a sponsored conversation by Speedo.  I received Speedo products as compensation.  All opinions regarding the Speedo products are my own.  My blog may contain links to other websites.  I am not responsible for the privacy policies of those other websites.  I encourage you to read the privacy policies of all websites you visit.

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