Motherhood and Finding Balance

When I think about motherhood, for me, it is all about balance. For those of you that are new to my page, I like to juggle a lot. My plate, like yours, is full. I’m a mom to a vibrant 6 year-old and married to an active duty service member. Let’s just say that we move around the country quite a bit….too often for my taste. And, I also have a wonderful social work career serving the military families in my community. Sometimes it is a part-time job just to make sure that I am able to continue working with each move we make. Yet, I love the excitement of where my career will take me. With each moved, I have learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. And, in order to make it all happen, I have to always seek out balance.

Aside from a supportive partner in life, running is the main way that I find balance. Most days, before I pick up Cora and transition from work to home, I go for a run. Truly, in order to clear my mind, stop thinking about client issues, and wash away the stress of the workday, I run. Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not perfect. And, I may be difficult to deal with after those stress-filled days when I don’t get to run. But, I try to make time for myself and to run because it is important to me that I am able to focus on my family when it is time to step away from the office.Motherhood and Finding Balance

Being a role model for my daughter is one of the reasons I juggle so much. And, I’m thankful that Cora takes our sometimes-chaotic life of work, military, moving, in stride. Now, that child knows how to find the fun and balance in life. So, for me, it’s progress, not perfection.  And, I sincerely hope Cora looks back on her childhood as a time that where we managed to find balance in the everyday chaos. Plus, I think I may have a running partner for life {Check her out in her Skirt Sports!  Melts my heart!}.

Motherhood and Finding Balance

Motherhood and Finding Balance

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Wishing you balance in your journeys.


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