Moving: Georgia On My Mind

Georgia on my mindWell, I feel as though, I just wrote a post about moving and settling into a new location.  Oh wait, I did!  Just last summer, we relocated from New York to Kansas.  And, this summer we moved from Kansas to GEORGIA!  In good news, we should be a here for a few years.  But, then again, with the military, you can never be too certain how long you will stay in any location.

Georgia on my mind

So, just like last year, I present you with a quick update on how my summer vanished before my eyes:

  • We left Kansas in June as a family!   After moving to Kansas ahead of my family last summer, I knew I needed to try to move together – for my sanity and the sanity of my family 😉Georgia on my mind
  • Plus, we bought a house!  I love the neighborhood and despite the commute, I am super happy with our new home.  Bonus, Cora adores her new school!Georgia on my mind
  • Thanks to applying to a few jobs early in the game (Yes, I start a good 6-8 months pre-move), I lined up a new position and negotiated a July start date.  Now that I am six weeks into my new position, I will say that I miss my Kansas job terribly.  But, I am very busy and using more clinical social work skills than I have in years.  I think it will be an exciting change and broaden my skill set.
  • Speaking of broadening skills, I just received an acceptance letter into a Doctoral Program! I applied prior to our move and well, timing is absolutely insane. Crazy, yes, crazy.  With that, I decided to defer enrollment with all of the life changes that are currently underway.  I hope to start once the dust settles and we are rocking our new routines (positive thoughts help right!).  I’m giving myself 6-12 months of grace to decide if this is in fact the right career move for continued growth.  Dr. Lisa coming soonish?!
  • Summer is officially over now that Cora is back in school. Where does time go?!  Four weeks off during our transition allowed for me to manage the movers, unpack, and soak in some pool time!  Bonus, our household goods only arrived a week late, compared to several months late last year!  Also, I’m so happy I had the time with Cora to take in our new state.Georgia on my mind
  • So, let’s talk running.  I thought the heat in Kansas was hard.  Well, I should eat my words because the heat in Georgia is a special kind of miserable.  I am barely getting in ten miles a week at this point but now that we have the first week of school, commute, and work schedule down, I am going to be a little harder on myself about sticking to some sort of training schedule.  It will likely involve a lot of treadmill time due to hubby’s work schedule but something is better than nothing.Georgia on my mind

That about wraps up the craziness of life right now.  I’m so looking forward to staying put for a few years and calling Georgia home.  So far, it is a beautiful area and offers up lots of things to keep us busy!  Next up, I can’t wait to really settle into local running groups.  I have a few fellow Skirt Sports ambassadors local to me and can’t wait to meet them!

How is your summer going?!  What’s up in your neck of the woods?  How the heck do you survive heat and humidity in Georgia 😉



  1. Dr. Lisa, what?!?! That’s awesome.

    • MAYBE! I’m in! I deferred because LIFE – I just got my internet connection up and running a little while ago so baby steps. LOL Trying to see if it is worth the time suck from family with Korea coming up and all that jazz 😉

  2. Glad to have you in Georgia! I live 50 miles away from Savannah but my work and family bring to to the city a lot. Enjoy the beauty of Savannah, there is no place like it. As far as the heat and humidity, I do a lot of treadmill running in the summer months. Fall will not last long enought around here.

    • Thank you! So far, it is beautiful and I can’t wait to run some races here. I just hope that they plan them accordingly or I will find myself in a puddle on the side of the road somewhere!

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