Friday Five: Life Lately

So, lately, I suck at blogging and it seems to be pushed to the bottom of the priority list every darn week.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty of ideas whirling around in my head.  It’s just that the motivation to put it down on paper, or this website, disappears when my free time is limited to late night and early mornings. Thanks to the lovely ladies of the DC Trifecta (Mar + Cynthia + Courtney) and their Friday Five {Read More}

Friday Five: Looking Back a Decade

Today, I’m linking up with the Friday Five crew, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for a post that takes you and shares what I was up to ten years ago.  Looking back a decade sounded like too much fun to pass up and a great opportunity to reminisce…. It’s honestly so hard to believe how much has changed in those ten years of life.  I graduated from college in Rhode Island, worked as a paralegal until I moved across the country from Connecticut {Read More}

Friday Five: Summer Favorites

Today I’m linking up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney for Friday Five to chat about my summer favorites… running favorites that is! 1.) The Handy 10 by has become a staple during my summer runs.  I never thought I would be able to get used to carrying a handheld but I’m so used to it now!  The Handy 10 has even come along with me for a few races.  I really like that it is lightweight and stays comfortably in my hand.  Game changer {Read More}