My First Marathon

Back in March, I locked myself in my office for two and a half hours.  With sweaty palms and a nervous pit in my stomach, I refreshed the internet browser over and over again.  Little did I know that the the moments following the frantic typing of my credit card information, I would officially be registered for one of my biggest undertakings of 2013, my very first marathon. I think some of my family and friends thought I was bonkers. {Read More}

MCM ’13: It’s Almost Time!

This week has been very busy and fun!  Aside from MCM ’13, I’m leaving my current job based out of DC, so I planned my last days of work around marathon weekend.  Crazy?  Maybe.  I just like to think that it saved me another trip to DC.  Plus, now that I had my last day of work on Thursday, I have a week off between my old job and my new job!  WIN!  One week to be completely lazy post-marathon {Read More}