Moving: Georgia On My Mind

Well, I feel as though, I just wrote a post about moving and settling into a new location.  Oh wait, I did!  Just last summer, we relocated from New York to Kansas.  And, this summer we moved from Kansas to GEORGIA!  In good news, we should be a here for a few years.  But, then again, with the military, you can never be too certain how long you will stay in any location. So, just like last year, I present {Read More}

February 2017 Update

How is it already February 2017?  Mid-February at that!  I swear, it is getting harder and harder to carve out space to sit down and write out my thoughts on my blog these days.  Don’t get me wrong.  Life is full.  Full of wonderful things like digging into a training plan {finally!}, spending time with family and friends, and spending lots of time at my wonderfully fulfilling and equally exhausting job. Yet, life is also full of uncertainty.  I feel {Read More}

Boxes, boxes, boxes…

Settling into a routine is never easy when you are living out of boxes.  I have to say that we have done a great job of making our house a home over the past few days.  It is nice to have our furniture and we are making great progress on our sea of boxes. Most importantly, we are settling in to some normalcy for Cora.  The hardest part of the move for me is worrying about how it will affect {Read More}