My First Marathon

Back in March, I locked myself in my office for two and a half hours.  With sweaty palms and a nervous pit in my stomach, I refreshed the internet browser over and over again.  Little did I know that the the moments following the frantic typing of my credit card information, I would officially be registered for one of my biggest undertakings of 2013, my very first marathon. I think some of my family and friends thought I was bonkers. {Read More}

198 Miles from Hood to Coast

The Hood to Coast relay covers 198 Miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon. Laura had the honor of starting off Team Lemonade at Mount Hood.  She was followed up by the lovely Leslie.  And before I could wrap my head around what was about to happen, it was my turn to run down the mountain! Leg #3-  3.93 Miles/Easy Rating  –  HTC Predicted Finishing Time: 30:27 (7:44/mile)  Actual Finishing Time: 29:11 (7:22/mile) I heard rumors that Leg #3 was {Read More}

Hood to Coast with Team Nuun: My Legs

No, not these legs… Although I must say that these Team Lemonade Pro Compression socks are pretty fabulous! I am talking about the three legs that I will be running at Hood to Coast this weekend!  As Runner #3 for Nuun‘s Team Lemonade, I will be tackling these runs: Leg #3:  Hello downhill.  The goal is to not go out too hard and rock steady.  Cool.  Okay, moving on… Rating:  Easy / Mileage:  3.93 Leg #15:  This will be my longest leg {Read More}

Marathon Training: Week #6

Another week of marathon training is in the books! My knee felt fine at the Beach to Beacon 10k on Sunday but by Tuesday I was really tight.  So tight and achy that it felt like my knee was locking up.  Mobility was a serious issue so I did my best to rest, ice, and stretch.  The easy days on the elliptical helped loosen things up without the stress of running.  I still felt a little rough on Thursday so {Read More}