Wednesday’s Run – May 30, 2012

Got out early (for me) this morning.  It was still HUMID!  I guess I just need to suck it up and get used to this Maryland weather already.  From living in the northeast until my twenties and then heading to Texas, I just can not get used to this feeling of having sweat popping up for no reason other than standing outside.   Anyway, I went for a short easy run because I have ZOOMA Annapolis this weekend!  I was {Read More}

Weekend Recap 5/19-5/20

While the hubby was living at the library this weekend, finishing up his final papers for grad school, I was left to my own devices with the bean. You want me to sit here for how long Mom? That means I had to go running with Cora in the jogger.  I mean, I don’t mind taking her with me, I just am far less productive on my runs than I like to be because she doesn’t last longer than a {Read More}