Year of Running 2014

I can’t believe that another year is coming to a close.  With it being New Year’s Eve, I love taking a look back at all the wonderful experiences running brought me in 2014!  Many thanks to Amanda, also known as Miss Zippy, for hosting this annual link-up! Best race experience? The best race experience of my year was at the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend. However, it had nothing to do with my running. Cora ran her very first Kid’s Races {Read More}

Skechers GORun 3 in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Disclosure:  Many thanks to Sketchers for sponsoring today’s discussion and allowing me to try their fantastic Skechers breast cancer awareness shoes!  As always, all opinions are my own and in support of the fight against breast cancer. This October, I am lucky enough to put one foot in front of the other as I test out the Skechers GoRun 3 shoes and get moving in support of breast cancer awareness month.  As some of you may know, marathon training has come to a halt for {Read More}

A New Year: 2014 Running Goals

Figuring out my 2014 running goals was a bit of a challenge.  Last year, running consumed most of my free time.  With 7 half marathons, my first full marathon, a relay, with a sprinkling of 5ks and 10ks, even I will admit that it was a bit much.  So this year, my race calendar is not jam-packed.  In fact, I only have two events that I am committed to right now and that is somewhat refreshing.  While I love to run {Read More}

Looking Back: 2013 Goals

Looking back at the beginning of 2013, I wrote a post setting out three running related goals. For me, the New Year is the perfect time of year to sit down and outline your hopes and dreams for the next twelve months. Why three? Well, when it comes to running, I like to keep things manageable. A laundry list of goals isn’t going to get me very far, at least not the way that I tend to operate. I need goals {Read More}


Fresh out of graduate school, I was overly optimistic that I too could change the world.  Receiving your master’s in social work has a way of doing that to you.  Yet, one year later, I was burnt out.  I barely felt as though I knew who I was or why I went into the field of social work in the first place.  But, my last day working at Child Protective Services was also the very day that I found out {Read More}

Dear Nuun,

I just wanted to openly thank you for the opportunity to run Hood to Coast.  But, I have to admit, that saying thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.  When I applied to run Hood to Coast with Nuun, I knew the race itself was going to be an awesome adventure.  What I didn’t realize was the amount of growth that can occur during a short weekend away from the daily grind. I am  so incredibly thankful for the {Read More}

Marathon Training: Week #8

Marathon Training: Week #8 MON:  REST TUES:  REST (Travel day to Texas for work) WED:  3 Miles THURS:  3 Miles at Green Lake with my Nuun Teammates FRI:  Leg#3 of Hood to Coast – 3.96 Mile Thanks for the pic Lauren! SAT: Leg #15 – 7.93 Miles / Leg #27 – 6.0 Miles SUN:  REST day on the longest plane ride of my life! Total Miles:  23.4 My training this week was happily interrupted by a little event called HOOD {Read More}

Marathon Training: Week #6

Another week of marathon training is in the books! My knee felt fine at the Beach to Beacon 10k on Sunday but by Tuesday I was really tight.  So tight and achy that it felt like my knee was locking up.  Mobility was a serious issue so I did my best to rest, ice, and stretch.  The easy days on the elliptical helped loosen things up without the stress of running.  I still felt a little rough on Thursday so {Read More}

Lessons from Marathon Training: Part 1

Instead of My Lessons from Marathon Training, this post should actually be called: Here’s my list so far…. Remember, I am only on training Week #6 here folks! 1.  You have no problem going to bed in compression gear.  So sexy. 2.  You will change your outfits to accommodate compression.  Forget just wearing it to bed, wear it everywhere.  Maxi dresses are still “in” right? 3. Plan strategic locations where you can use a bathroom.  No one wants to see {Read More}

Boxes, boxes, boxes…

Settling into a routine is never easy when you are living out of boxes.  I have to say that we have done a great job of making our house a home over the past few days.  It is nice to have our furniture and we are making great progress on our sea of boxes. Most importantly, we are settling in to some normalcy for Cora.  The hardest part of the move for me is worrying about how it will affect {Read More}