198 Miles from Hood to Coast

The Hood to Coast relay covers 198 Miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon. Laura had the honor of starting off Team Lemonade at Mount Hood.  She was followed up by the lovely Leslie.  And before I could wrap my head around what was about to happen, it was my turn to run down the mountain! Leg #3-  3.93 Miles/Easy Rating  –  HTC Predicted Finishing Time: 30:27 (7:44/mile)  Actual Finishing Time: 29:11 (7:22/mile) I heard rumors that Leg #3 was {Read More}

Hood to Coast: Team Bonding!

Now that I am back from my trip to Washington/Oregon (Hood to Coast) AND California (runDisney Dumbo Challenge), I can finally tell you all about these amazing events and races!  Sorry for the delay but it has been a really FUN filled few weeks 🙂 I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday evening (8/21).  Several teammates already had a day full of sightseeing and getting to know one another over dinner and bowling.  I felt nervously behind the curve since I {Read More}

Hood to Coast with Team Nuun: My Legs

No, not these legs… Although I must say that these Team Lemonade Pro Compression socks are pretty fabulous! I am talking about the three legs that I will be running at Hood to Coast this weekend!  As Runner #3 for Nuun‘s Team Lemonade, I will be tackling these runs: Leg #3:  Hello downhill.  The goal is to not go out too hard and rock steady.  Cool.  Okay, moving on… Rating:  Easy / Mileage:  3.93 Leg #15:  This will be my longest leg {Read More}

Hood to Coast with Team Nuun: The 5 W’s

It’s almost the end of summer.  That means it is almost time for my Nuun Hood to Coast (HTC) Adventure!  Next Friday, at about 1:15pm, Nuun will be sending off Team Lemonade, Team Watermelon, and Team Cherry Limeade from Mount Hood to start the Mother of All Relays. WHO: Lauren, Leslie, ME, Jolene, Andrea, Kristen (Van 1)  Kimberly, Karen, Zoe, Jesica, Holly, Holly (Van 2) Megan, Mallory, Kara, Hannah, Sarah, Catey (Van 1) Meghan, Megan, Laura, Lisa, Lindsay, Devon (Van 2) Dorothy, Robyn, {Read More}