We Run DC: Expotiquing & Cupcakes

This weekend, I participated in the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC.   On Friday, I thought I would easily pick up my bib and cruise the Expotique since it was my only opportunity to do it without a child in tow.  WRONG!  I drove around super congested Georgetown for almost two hours to leave my car illegally parked, with a parking attendant across from the tent, for five minutes so I could breeze through the bib pick up line. {Read More}


As I mentioned previously, the RNR USA Expo was held on Thursday and Friday prior to the race.  I wasn’t thrilled about having to go on Friday but Jake and I made surprisingly quick business of our trip. I knew I wanted to pick up a few rolls of KT Tape and have someone tape my IT band so I got on line as soon as we entered the Armory.  Luckily they were front and center when we walked through {Read More}