Race Recap: 9/11 Heroes Run 5k – 9/9/2012

This Sunday I participated in the 9/11 Heroes Run in Annapolis.  We ran this amazing event last year and knew we had to return again this year to support the Travis Manion Foundation and strategic partner, Team Red, White & Blue.

Photo Courtesy of http://911heroesrun.com/

The 2pm start is not my favorite but thankfully a storm on Saturday night cooled things off to about 75 for the start of the race.  When we got there, we met up with LOTS of great friends!  So nice having familiar faces running and cheering for you!

Family Photo with Jake and Cora!
Janet, Mary & Niki rocking some American flag headbands!  Love!

Jake decided to run as super dad with Cora in the stroller.  Thank you!  This allowed me to run at my own pace on my own.  I started off too fast, not shocking since this is still something I really, really, need to work on before my next half.  Around mile 2, I was surprised to come across a runner that was going about my speed.  We chatted as he mentioned that he loves my compression sleeves [wishing I had a photos of me from the knees down!] and we decided to stick it out until the end of the race.  Even though he mentioned that he biked 20 miles before the race, I had no shame in sticking with him and was happy to have him around to push me to the finish.  With his help, I was able to complete the race without stopping, something I desperately wanted to do but didn’t.

At the finish, I knew I came in right after the 26 minute mark but I forgot to stop my Garmin until a few minutes later.  I think that might be a first, usually I am obsessed with the Garmin!

Anyway, that night, I received an e-mail from the results team:

[*Update:  After checking the website, this was the gun time not the chip time!
My chip time was 25:57.8!  Even more exciting!]

I have to say that I am really happy with a 9th place finish in my age group and time considering my lack of training coming into the event.  Plus, I ran about five minutes faster than last year!

And you have to check out the awesome race shirt and commemorative dog tags!

“If not me, then who…” – Travis Manion
Team RWB shout out on the back of the shirt!

Silly Cora!  I just wanted to show off my Travis Manion Foundation Polo 🙂

I think this race was just what I needed to get me back on track for the Army Ten Miler.  Competing is addicting and not competing at my best makes me eager to prove myself the next time around 🙂

Thanks to the Travis Manion Foundation for an awesome race day and memorial event!

Until next year,


  1. The Travis Manion Foundation looks like a wonderful organization, helping out our fallen heroes and their families. Great job on your race, and 9th place in your age group is terrific. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks @We Run Disney! It is definitely a great organization!

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