Boxes, boxes, boxes…

Settling into a routine is never easy when you are living out of boxes.  I have to say that we have done a great job of making our house a home over the past few days.  It is nice to have our furniture and we are making great progress on our sea of boxes.

Most importantly, we are settling in to some normalcy for Cora.  The hardest part of the move for me is worrying about how it will affect her.  We are trying our best to include her in the unpacking process and are working on establishing routines again.  All in all, she is enjoying the new house and her new room.  Plus, being able to see lots of extended family members is definitely a perk of living an hour away from our hometown.


Yes, there is a pile of crap on the fire place but I am proud to show
you that there are no boxes in this photo!!  
So now that almost all the boxes are unpacked, I need to get back into a running routine.  I have some pretty big races coming up at the end of the summer and I need to get a leg up on my Marine Corps Marathon training!

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